Arduino Kit - Program and Control Linear Actuators and DC Motors

      Arduino Kit - Program and Control Linear Actuators and DC Motors

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      This Arduino kit for those who are interested controlling your Linear Actuators or DC motors in a specific way such as sensor based or time based. This Arduino  systems comes with many sensors already just use one of our relays to control the actuator anyway you want. This system offers many programming options and comes with a host of equipment too

      The linear actuator Arduino starter kit provides an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It contains all of the essential components required to start programming with the Arduino Uno board which are designed to evolve the user from beginner to professional level. 

      Everything to get started is in this kit - USB cable, LED's, Sensors and Arduino.

      Its software and manual can be downloaded from Arduino open source online.


      Included in the kit:

      • Weight: 2lbs.
      • (1) Uno R3 board
      • (1) 400 Breadboard
      • (140) Breadboard wires (assorted lengths)
      • (1) LCD1602 Module with IIC/12C Interface Adapter Board 
      • (12) LED (red, yellow, green, blue) pitch 5mm
      • (30) Axial-lead Resistor on Tape (10 each of: 200 ohm, 1k ohm, 10k ohm)
      • (20) AWG 26 Jumper Wires (male - male)
      • (20) AWG 26 Jumper Wires (male - female)
      • (1) USB Cable
      • (1) Flexible Solderless Jumper Cable
      • (1) Piezoelectric Buzzer
      • (1) Electromagnetic Buzzer
      • (1) 0.36" Common Andode LED Display
      • (5) Switch Buttons
      • (1) VS1738 IR Receiver
      • (1) Photoresistor
      • (1) LM35 Temperature Sensor
      • (1) RGB LED
      • (1) Flame Sensor
      • (1) 8*8 Metric Display
      • (1) SW-520D Switch Sensor
      • (1) DHT11 Moisture Sensor
      • (1) Reed Switch with Magnet
      • (1) Precision Potentiometer
      • (1) Remote Control
      • (1) 9g Analog Servo
      • (1) 1 Channel Electric Relay Module
      • (1) Touch Switch Module
      • (1) Stepper Motor with Driver Module
      • (1) Tweezers
      • (40) Pieces PCB Mounting Hardware
      • (1) AA battery holder (holds four AA batteries)

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