Furniture Actuators 101: Everything You Need to Know

Furniture Actuators 101: Everything You Need to Know

Mark Li
Mark Li
20/10/23 ·


Electric Linear Actuators have not only become integral in various industries but have also significantly impacted home automation, propelling us into an era where elegance meets functionality. These devices are pivotal in transforming static pieces into dynamic, multifaceted furniture, offering enhanced utility and aesthetic appeal. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into their myriad applications, exploring how they have redefined the essence of modern living spaces.

Furniture Actuators

Pop up TV Lifts

Problem Solved: In the landscape of modern living, space is a luxury. Pop up TV lifts mitigate the issue of space consumption and visual clutter, presenting a streamlined and organized living area. These mechanisms can be used to Lift a TV up, or drop a TV down from the ceiling or cabinet

drop down tv lift

How They Work: Embedded within cabinets, these actuators silently and smoothly elevate the television, offering an optimized viewing experience. Precision in movement ensures safety, complementing the elegance of the living space.

Connection to Controllers: Integrated with intuitive switches or remote controls they come with, users can effortlessly adjust the TV’s position, marrying convenience with luxury. These are also available in different strokes to accomodate any TV size

DIY Pop up Bar Cabinets

pop up bar furniture actusators

Problem Solved: Transforming static cabinets into dynamic entities, electric linear actuators facilitate the metamorphosis that combines storage efficiency with a presentation elegance.

How They Work: Actuators like the Super Duty models, are integrated to unveil hidden compartments with grace, adding a touch of surprise and sophistication. These Actuators pack quite a punch and are teh quietest in the industry, making them perfect for home furniture applications. 

Connection to Controllers: Seamless operation via well-placed switches or wireless remotes adds an element of intrigue and luxury.

Automated Trap Door or Skylight Window

Automated Trap Door or Skylight Window

Problem Solved: Actuators solve accessibility issues, offering effortless control over ambient light and ventilation in the indoor environment, or open that hidden trap door for that secret hidden room or storage space. 

How They Work: Mounted on windows or doors, their robust design and precision motion control enhance the ease of operation, even in variable weather conditions.

Connection to Controllers: Users enjoy a harmonious indoor atmosphere, courtesy of intuitive wall-mounted switches or remote controls.

Bed and Armchair Recliners

actuators for Bed and Armchair Recliners

Problem Solved: Actuators in beds and armchairs embody personalized comfort, with tailored adjustments that cater to individual preferences.

How They Work: Embedded within, they facilitate various movements ensuring an unparalleled resting experience marked by silence and smooth transitions.

Connection to Controllers: In-built controls or wireless remotes transform relaxation into a personalized and luxurious experience.

Kitchen Appliance Lifts

actuators for appliance lifts

Problem Solved: Space optimization and an organized aesthetic are realized as actuators lift appliances from concealed compartments, marking the end of cluttered countertops. Typically Appliance lifts thart lift up out of a cabinet use the FIRGELLI Column Lift style actuator, whilst drop down appliance lifts use Linear Actuator type actuators. 

How They Work: Their silent operation and precision motion control epitomize a harmonious culinary space.

Connection to Controllers: Switch and remote operations ensure the kitchen remains a sanctuary of creativity, unhampered by clutter.

actuators for Kitchen Appliance Lifts

Using Dual Actuators - Synchronizing with FIRGELLI FCB-1 Control Box

how to synchronize actuators for furniture applications

Problem Solved: In scenarios demanding synchronized operation and higher load capacity, or larger applications,  dual actuators could be required to open and close something evenly and smoothly. As a result you may need to run 2 or more Actuators together and they must run at exactly the same speed regardless of load.  In this case you can use the FIRGELLI FCB-1 ensure uniform, smooth motion. This Controller works with all FIRGELLI Actuators that have a built in feedback. 

How They Work: Working in tandem, they share the load, making them ideal for larger or heavier applications requiring precision and safety.

Connection to Controllers: Integrated with switches and remotes or use as a stand alone system, their operation epitomizes seamless interaction, safety, and precision.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Aesthetics

Standing desks

Standing desks, adjustable beds, and hidden DIY furniture owe their versatility to actuators. These devices are central in promoting ergonomic designs, where each piece adapts to the user’s needs, ensuring comfort and health are prioritized. The revelation of concealed elements in furniture adds a layer of mystery and surprise, as actuators transform static pieces into interactive artwork.


Electric linear actuators are more than mechanical innovations; they are the bridge to a world where furniture is a blend of art and function. Every adjustment, lift, and tilt is a journey towards a living space where each piece is a testament to personalized comfort and luxury. As we embrace this transformative journey, we enter a realm where spaces are not just lived in but are expressions of individualized comfort and aesthetic elegance.

In a world where innovation meets tradition, electric linear actuators are the silent companions transforming every space into a canvas of endless potential. The harmony of form and function, aesthetics, and utility is not a future aspiration but a present-day reality, thanks to these remarkable devices.

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