How to make a Drop down TV Lift

How to make a Drop down TV Lift using a track Actuator.

Here is a customer example of a Drop down TV lifts using a Firgelli Track Actuator instead of the Firgelli Drop down TV lift kits, available here "Drop down TV Lift Kit"

As you can see this first Video the Customer didn't use the drop Down TV Lift kit, instead he used a regular Track Actuator and made his own TV bracket etc. This will save a few bucks however you still need to spend the time to built the TV mount which is included with the Drop Down TV lift Kit. The point is both methods work, its down to which method you prefer.

Check out these 3 videos. The customer here used a Track Actuator with 30" stroke to drop a TV from the ceiling and 2 of our 32" Drawer Slides to make the movement smooth and steady, and also a Remote control for the system.

The Actuator simply provides the lifting and pulling. Building the mechanism in pieces as the customer here has done, is another good way to create an affordable drop down TV Lift project, and give you the flexibility to get it exactly how you want it. Alex thank you for building this and sharing with us.

So why use just a Track Actuator, instead of the Drop down TV Lift kit ?

If you notice in this example the way the customer dealt with the ceiling flap, is that he hinged the flap at the back and added springs of his own so that when the TV is raised up the spring loaded Flap shuts to create a flush fitting and hidden TV system.   This is a great way to deal with the ceiling panel, but for those people that don't want to have a hinged panel, and instead want the ceiling panel to lift down with the TV, then you would need the brackets that come with the Firgelli Drop down TV lift kit. 

With the Kit you get a panel to screw a piece of drywall or MDF too and that also drops down with the TV when you operate the lift. Below is a picture that explains how the drywall bracket that comes with the TV Lift kit is used. Here you can see the TV is in the lowered position so when the TV is raised the drywall panel will sit flush with the ceiling.  

The Bracket is full adjustable so that you can make it fit perfectly in every application.  If you are wondering where to install the Cable box or DVD player etc, we suggest placing it on top of the drywall bracket. 

drop down tv lift

Firgelli offers good refunds to customers on projects that we put on our blog so please remember to video your project as you are building it.

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