DC Power Adaptor 12v

      DC Power Adaptor 12v

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      Choosing the appropriate power supply

      Introducing the Firgelli Automations 12V DC Power Adapter - your reliable and convenient solution for powering home automation and custom prototype applications. With its plug-and-play capabilities, this power adapter brings 12-volt motion assemblies to life effortlessly.

      Designed with precision and versatility, the FA-PA-12V-4A model offers exceptional performance and reliability. It features an input voltage range of 100-240V, accommodating a wide range of power sources. The output voltage of 12V with a maximum surge of 12A ensures optimal power delivery, while maintaining a tight tolerance of +/- 5%.

      The power adapter's compact dimensions of 115 x 55 x 28mm make it easily integratable into various setups. Its 2-wire configuration simplifies the wiring process, allowing for seamless connection to rocker switches and remote control systems. Additionally, the adapter's inductive load type is ideal for high-current start-up actuators like the FA-HF, FA-1000, and FA-400 models, ensuring efficient operation.

      With an operational temperature range of 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius and humidity resistance of 5% ~ 95% non-condensing, this power adapter performs reliably in various environmental conditions. It eliminates the need for batteries, which can drain over time, ensuring consistent power supply without interruptions.

      Whether you're powering your home automation projects or bringing custom prototypes to life, the Firgelli Automations 12V DC Power Adapter provides a straightforward and dependable power solution. Say goodbye to battery limitations and experience the convenience of plug-and-play functionality with this essential accessory.


      •  Model FA-PA-12V-4A
      •  Input: 100-240V
      •  Frequency: 50/60 Hz, 1.6A
      •  Output: 12V, 4A (Max surge 12A)
      •  Output voltage tolerance: +/- 5%
      •  2 wire configuration
      •  Operational temperature range: 0 ~ 4 degrees C
      •  Humidity 5% ~ 95% non-condensing 
      •  Dimensions 115 x 55 x 28mm  
      •  Inductive load type so ideal for high current start-up actuators like the FA-HF, FA-1000 FA-400 models.
      •  Ready to wire to rocker switches and/or remote control systems

      Using a battery is not always ideal for certain applications, because the actuator will run the battery flat eventually. To know exactly how long a battery would last, try our online battery life calculator that tells you how many cycles per battery charge you will get from a typical battery. 

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