Yacht TV Lift Mechanism: Using a Firgelli Pop up system to lift a TV out of a Custom Cabinet on a Yacht

When it comes to TV lift Mechanisms on Yachts, it’s all about space saving. Because of this you need to use a 3 stage column lift not a 1 or 2 stage system. This allows the Total height requirements to be equal to the height of the TV and not require extra space. This has the added benefit allowing you to get away with having a larger TV size. 

Older yachts typically used old fashioned chain driven clunky tv lifts, so we show you how to replace a clunky chain driven TV Lift system with one of our quieter smoother worm gear driven TV Lift Mechanisms.  The good news is that those chain driven TV Lift mechanisms are usually pretty large and take up allot of space. So replacing them with a Firgelli Pop up TV Lift is usually pretty simple. It sometimes even means you get to change the TV for something a little larger too. 

The customer below used a TVL-170 TV lift mechanism with a Floor standing bracket. However we suggest using our Floor mounted TV lift mechanism for a project like this. the floor mounted TV lift was not available at the time this customer created the project, but it is available now. 

Check out the videos and pictures of their project. The entire project cost about $1000 including the Firgelli lift 

Steps in the project included:

  • Remove old lift cabinet and lift mechanism
  • Remove two cabinet sides that supported gear racks for older Lift
  • Install electrical and Audio/video wiring
  • Install TV lift and wiring
  • Fabricate and install new counter top.



This is the old counter, TV cabinet and TV that needed updating. The old lift was an older rack and pinion model that limited the TV to a 21" model.

The silver material on the floor is automotive sound deadener and heat shield. TV cabinet floor is 3/4 plywood located above engine room.


Here is the new actuator and lift installed behind the cabinet.



If you have a project you would like to share with us, we would love to hear from you. Email your project and photos to sales@firgelliauto.com

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