How to adjust friction on slide rails

Tutorial on how to adjust the central bearing on Firgelli Automations heavy duty (FA-SGR-35) and mini linear track rail (FA-SGR-15N).  Adjusting the tension of your slide rails may be an important detail that needs to be carefully controlled. We go into detail on how to achieve this. 

Please follow the following steps to adjust the center bearing of the carriage in the linear slide rail:

- From the top of the carriage the small set screws are as tight as possible
- Rotate the carriage up side down
- Unscrew the large bolt (from the underside). This bolt is very tough to move and will require significant force, you may need to secure the carriage in a vice before unscrewing the bolt
- Once the large bolt is removed, loosen the small set screws on the top and rotate the off center circular disk to your desired location.
- Reassemble the unit by following the above steps in the reverse order. Ensure each connection is firm.
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