Using LEGO we explain the difference in precision control of Pneumatic vs Hydraulic vs Electro mechanical Linear Actuators

Using LEGO we explain how Actuators work? Linear actuators, hydraulic actuators, and pneumatic actuators,  are used in many types of applications. Using LEGO we explain and demonstrate how much precision control you have with them all, and which one is better. Electro Mechanical Linear actuators offer so much fine control compared to using Air or hydraulic fluid simply because the end shaft is directly connected to the driving electrical motor. But with Hydraulics and Pneumatics they rely entirely on the volume of air or fluid been passed through the pump which is very hard to control. Pneumatics are the worst because the Air it uses is highly compressible, and so friction plays a huge part in how much you can control the actuator. Add force to the mix and then your compressing the air inside the Actuator that just makes things even worse. With Hydraulics at lease the fluid used in these systems is a non compressible fluid that makes things easier to control. 


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