What are the top 2 ways to watch TV outside - Using an Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet might just be the best option.

Lets say its the summer and you want to spend more time outside, or perhaps the kids are playing in the Pool so you need to be outside with them. But at the same time you want to watch the game on TV. What options do you have and which makes the most sense for you. 

outdoor tv lift cabinet


Problems with keeping a TV outside:

First of all if you keep an open TV outside, perhaps its hung up on the wall or sat on a cabinet, there are a few problems with this solution. Firstly the TV would need to be covered when not in use, and not just covered from above the TV but also underneath, after all moisture can rise.  Remember TV's don't like to get wet, in fact most electrical products don't last long when they get wet. In addition when I TV is out in the open it becomes a security issue and can easily be stolen if your yard is easy to get into. 

Outdoor TV cabinet -  Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet

The first problem could be solved with using a TV designed to be used outside. These TV are more expensive but at least they can be used outside without having to worry. But this does not solve the security issue. 

Try an Outdoor TV Cabinet, with a built in Lift:

The benefit of using an Outdoor TV Cabinet is simple. The Cabinet is water proof so it will always keep the TV dry, and also when its not used, at the press of a button the TV can be dropped remotely back into its hidden cabinet. Thief's don't know inside there is a TV hiding, and if they did they would not be able to remove the TV without having access to the Remote control, and even if they did have access to the remote, they would then need some tools to remove the TV from the mechanism inside the cabinet.

Lets explain exactly how an outdoor TV cabinet works, so you know if this is the right product for your back yard patio.

The Outdoor TV Cabinet comes with its own TV Lift mechanism built into the cabinet. The Cabinet itself is made from a very durable plastic designed to fit in with your typical back yard furniture with a granite design and color combination that looks like stone. The cabinet it completely water proof with an overhanging lid that allows water to simply run off the top surface.

outdoor tv cabinet - outdoor tv lift cabinet

The Lid itself is connected to the top of the TV Lift mechanism that is held in place with strong magnets. This is for child safety. Assume a small child has their hands on the cabinet and someone presses the down button on the remote. Well in this case the TV will retract into the cabinet but as the lid closes with the body of the cabinet then the lid simple stops as it becomes disconnected from the lift thanks to the magnets disengaging from the lift mechanism. This simple but effective mechanism works very yet is strong enough not to blow away when the TV is full raised.

The Outdoor TV Cabinet lift mechanism is easily portable if you want to move it around your patio and the TV size you can fit is typically around 50" The limiting factor is the width of the cabinet.  For more details please check our products page here.



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