Can a regular TV be used outdoors?

Is it possible to use my regular TV outside?

The short answer is yes and no. We have tested a regular TV outside for over 5 years in the wettest part of the USA and its still running fine. However we have been using the TV placed inside an Outdoor TV cabinet with a built in TV Lift mechanism.  If a regular TV is used outside and it rains then the TV will not last long, however if the TV is covered and covered properly then you can get away with many years of viewing outside as we have seen. Our test is still ongoing but as of 2020 the regular TV we have placed inside our outdoor TV cabinet is still running perfectly well and we expect it to continue running for another 5 years and more, and it is located in the wettest part of the country - the Pacific northwest close to Seattle.

So How do I use my regular TV outside?

You need to get the TV covered in some way. An outdoor Cabinet designed specifically to withstand the elements and still deliver great TV watching possibilities is the way to go. To do this you need a waterproof enclosure that protects year round. FIRGELLI developed its own outdoor TV cabinet with our own TV lift mechanism that we have been selling for over 15 years. The cabinet is not too large it is designed to hold a 50" TV with ease and still be sturdy enough to not fall over under high wind condition.

outdoor tv cabinet

What are some other ways to watch TV outside?

Before you go spending thousands of dollars on an expensive water proof TV for the back patio, you may want to consider a few things. 

When it comes to watching TV outside, there really are only three options.

1. You can buy a TV that's specifically designed for the outdoors

2. Use a regular TV and have it hidden away in a waterproof TV cabinet that's designed for outdoor use. 

3. Use a projector and outdoor projection screen.

ooutdoor tv cabinet

Outdoor TV's

Lets explore the first option. This TV below is 55-Inch and can withstand the great Outdoor weather, but requires constant screen cleaning unless you're able to cover it when not in use, and it could be a theft problem as most people know these TV's are expensive.

SunBriteTV Pro Series Outdoor TV (49-inch) is a whopping $4295.00 outdoor tv

Outdoor TV Cabinet

Another option is to use a regular TV you perhaps already own and fit it inside an outdoor TV lift Cabinet. This cabinet has the added advantage of been able to hold a regular TV up to 50-Inch and still stay protected from the Weather, because the cabinets are fully water-proof, and stay out of sign when not in use, so that they are not likely to be stolen. You could also make your own outdoor TV cabinet that perhaps has doors at the front that you open to reveal the TV, however this would need to be placed high enough for a decent viewing angle making for one larger cabinet. 

outdoor tv

The FIRGELLI outdoor TV cabinet is made from the same plastic used for outdoor furniture and plant Pots and other outdoor equipment, and given the same texture and color to match most outdoor décor with a dark grey stone texture. Below is a close up of the cabinet finish. 

outdoor tv

This cabinet works in a very simple way. The Cabinet has a built in TV lift mechanism that's controlled via am RF remote (included) as well as a wired remote. Pressing a button on these remotes simply lift the TV up out of the cabinet. The lid of the cabinet also lifts up with the TV and provides the additional benefit of providing some shade to the TV. 

outdoor tv

The Lid also acts as a safety device because it is held onto the mechanism via some carefully selected magnets that allow the lid to pop off automatically if a child's hand gets in the way of the lift, as its dropping the TV back into the cabinet. Popping the lid back on after any object that was in the way has now been removed, will get things back to normal operation. 

to view the Outdoor TV cabinet and lift system follow this link below

Outdoor TV

A 3rd option that is less popular is to use a projector that's mounted under a table that projects the screen onto an outdoor projector screen. 

outdoor projector screen

The main issue with using a projector screen is that they do tend to fall over at the slightest breeze, but they do work and perform better when its dark our because projectors are not very good during the day. You also need to inflate or erect the screen before use. 

You may also find our blog post "5 Surprising Reasons You Need TV Lifts In Your Home". This is an interesting read if you want to learn more about what your options are for watching TV outdoors

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