Introducing the Remote Controlled Adjustable Basketball Hoop From Hi-Riz Hoops

Here's an innovative solution to manually adjusting the height of your basketball hoop in your driveway. Hi-Riz Hoops in Arizona, a company committed to "a better and different kind of athletic equipment manufacturing," has used a Firgelli linear actuator to raise and lower a basketball hoop by remote control.  Genius! 


The hoop can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet and can be set to any height within its range of travel.  And all at the touch of a button!

Linear Actuator Controlled Basketball Hoop

basketball hoop linear actuator


Way to go Hi-Riz Hoops!  We love to hear how our customers are using our linear actuators.  Send us your pictures and videos and we will feature them here on this page. 




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