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8 places where Rotary Actuators are used
8 places where Rotary Actuators are used

Rotary actuators are used in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Some common examples include: Manufacturing and industrial automation. Medical equipment. Automotive: Rotary actuators

The Future of Home Automation
The Future of Home Automation
What does the future of Home Automation Look like. Home automation, also known as smart home technology, refers to the use of technology to control and...
What is the evolution of automation?
What is the evolution and history of Automation?
In there 18th century during the first industrial revolution, where mechanization of production processes and invention of the steam engine led to the creation of...
History behind Automation, and Linear Actuators as written by AI
History behind Automation, and Linear Actuators as written by AI
This blog post is an experiment in AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Questions are real, but the answers were completely created by AI, as an experiment...
What is a Rotary Actuator and how are they used.
What is a Rotary Actuator and how are they used
Rotary actuator are mechanical devices that create rotary motion to produce torque usually in either direction. They can be found in a wide range of applications,...
Snow Blower Chute Actuator [with updated product list: Winter '22]
Snow Blower Chute Actuator [with updated product list: Winter '22]
The most popular units for this application are the Premium Line and Classic Rod Actuators. The best practice is to install the actuator with the shaft facing downwards....
What is a kitchen appliance lift system
What is a kitchen appliance lift system
This latest Kitchen design feature, that happens to have many great advantages is the latest in Home kitchen designs must-haves.  Thanks to motion control technology, an...
Teslabot Robot Actuators
How do Tesla Bot Actuators actually work
Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently unveiled the company's Tesla Bot. The robot code-named Optimus shuffled across a stage, waved its hand, and pumped its arms in...
Your Complete Guide to Actuators. We cover what is an actuator, how actuators work, types of actuators, how to choose an actuator, and real-world applications.
A Comprehensive Guide to Actuators. What are They, Types of Actuators, and How They Work
Actuators require both a control mechanism and an energy supply. Typically, the control device is a valve. The valve requires a low-energy signal to activate....
Actuators - Components of an Electric Linear Actuator
Actuators - Components of an Electric Linear Actuator
An electric linear actuator converts the energy of an AC or DC electric motor. It turns the rotation of the motor into linear movement. It does...
The NEW Adjustable Limit Switch Actuators (with Live Video)
The NEW Adjustable Limit Switch Actuators (with Live Video)
One of our most consistent requests is for in-between stroke lengths on small projects; The 24 inch Premium unit is too short, but the next...
How Linear Actuators were used on this old 1952 Chevy Truck
How Linear Actuators were used on this old 1952 Chevy Truck
Just because its old doesn't mean it cannot have modern features. This old 1952 Heavy Chevy has been converted to use Linear Actuators to lift the...
compare micro actuators
Comparison of Micro Actuators
First of all, the term Micro refers to a size of control. A micron is another measurement of particle size. A micron is one-millionth of...
Adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators
Adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators
FIRGELLI® have now developed the worlds first externally adjustable limit switch Linear Actuator (Patent Pending). This is the result of years of development and listening...
Linear Actuator Force Selector
How to Select the right Linear Actuator
There are many ways to pick an Actuator. The most popular is by Stroke length, and then the second most popular is by Force. These...
Your Complete Guide to IP Ratings
IP Ratings - Your Complete Guide - How to read an IP Rating
The "IP" in IP rating stands for Ingress Protection. The letters IP are then followed by two numbers, such as IP67 or IP59k, etc. The standard determines...
What Are Micro Linear Actuators?
What Are Micro Linear Actuators?
In Simple terms a Micro Linear Actuator is basically a Small Actuator with a small body size and therefore a small stroke range. A typical...
Where Are Micro Linear Actuators Used?
Where Are Micro Linear Actuators Used?
Actuators are not a topic that makes headlines or spawns blogs like artificial intelligence and machine learning, but the role that they play in our modern world...
Actuators transfer physical movement into energy. There are different types, including electrical, hydraulic, and electrical. This article will explain them.
What is an Actuator and how do they work?
Actuators transfer energy into physical movement. There are different types, including electrical, hydraulic, and electrical. This article will explain them all. There are many examples...
what is an actuator
Что такое привод?
Как приводы преобразовывают энергию в механическую? В этом сообщении в блоге будет объяснено, как разные типы приводов преобразуют разные типы энергии в линейное движение.
Determining the Force Being Delivered by Your Linear Actuator
Определение силы, прилагаемой вашим линейным приводом
When selecting a linear actuator for any project, you should always determine an estimate of the amount of force required from your linear actuator as it is...
Types of Actuators
Типы электрических линейных приводов
Rod-style linear actuators are the most commonly seen actuators. The basic rod-style actuator consists of a motor, gearbox, lead screw, and a rod. The motor converts...
IP Rating Guide of Firgelli Automation’s Linear Actuators
Руководство по степени защиты IP линейных приводов Firgelli Automation
Many applications of linear actuators require the actuator to be exposed to dust, debris, and/or water, but not all linear actuators are suitable for those applications. So,...
Feedback Options for Linear Actuators
Варианты обратной связи для линейных приводов
Utilizing feedback to ensure precise movements is key in any automation project from robotic to TV lifts. Proper implementation of feedback allows for accurate closed...
How Strong of a Linear Actuator Do I Need?
Насколько сильный линейный привод мне нужен?
The strength of a linear actuator is the amount of force it can deliver. It is typically seen in terms of Newtons (N) for metric units and...
How Do You Size a Linear Actuator?
Как выбрать размер линейного привода?
This article will help you size an appropriate linear actuator for your application and will cover some key criteria that can used to identify the...
How strong are linear actuators?
Насколько прочны линейные приводы?
Обладая номинальным постоянным усилием до 2200 фунтов и ходом от 250 мм (10 дюймов) до 762 мм (30 дюймов) с шагом 125 мм (5 дюймов)...
How does a Linear Actuator work?
Как работает линейный привод?

Хотите знать, как работает линейный привод?. Электродвигатель вращает приводные шестерни, которые в конечном итоге превращает основной leadscrew. Его это leadscrew, который преобразует вращающееся движение в...

Buy linear actuators, buy actuators, actuators, linear actuators, sit stand desks, TV lifts,
Все о линейных приводах: простое руководство
As you prepare to get started on your project, you may be wondering what type of linear actuator you need and what a linear actuator...
Linear Actuators 101 - Everything you need to know about a linear Actuator
Линейные приводы 101 - все, что вам нужно знать о линейных приводах

Мы создали это сообщение в блоге, чтобы помочь вам понять, как работают электрические линейные приводы, и терминологию, используемую для их описания. С пониманием основ будет...

Firgelli Introduces the new Mini Bullet Actuator with built in force sensing for Skylight windows or many other applications
Firgelli представляет новый мини-пуля привода со встроенным в силу зондирования для skylight окна или многие другие приложения

Эти приводы приходят с силой зондирования встроенный, это означает, что если они натыкаются на что-то или когда они получают в конце своего инсульта они автоматически...

10 Benefits of Using an Outdoor TV Cabinet With a Lift Mechanism
10 Benefits of Using an Outdoor TV Cabinet With a Lift Mechanism
Many concerns come to the surface when it comes to keeping a TV outside. An outdoor TV cabinet with a lift mechanism provides several benefits...
Four Places to Use a TV Lift Cabinet
Four Places to Use a TV Lift Cabinet
Its 2021 and now perhaps is the time to start thinking about how to modernize your home. Adding a TV lift cabinet around the house...
How many many ways can you hide and automate a TV.
How to hide your TV.
Have you ever wondered how many different ways are there to hide you're TV in the home?. based on the animation image above you can...
How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet
How to Build a TV Lift Cabinet - For under $300
Have you found the perfect spot for your TV but don't want it showing all the time? Maybe you need to save on space but...
Ceiling TV Mounts: Which One to Choose?
Кронштейны для потолочных телевизоров: какие выбрать?
Whether at home or at the workplace, televisions are commonly used as displays for entertainment and productivity. Although in many spaces, big TV cabinets or...
outdoor tv cabinet
Как отдохнуть в патио и посмотреть телевизор на улице, используя уличный шкаф для телевизора
Entertaining and relaxing on a patio has always been one of summers greatest pleasures, but outdoor TV's are quite expensive so we created a solution....
What are the Different Types of TV Lifts?
Какие бывают типы телевизионных лифтов?
Есть несколько вещей в мире, которые могут WOW номер совсем как большой экран телевизора снижается с потолка. Вы можете превратить комнату из элегантного жилого пространства...
How to make a Drop down TV Lift
Как сделать опускающийся лифт для телевизора

Посмотрите эти 4 видео. Заказчик использовал гусеничный привод с ходом 30 дюймов, чтобы уронить телевизор с потолка.

How to Make a Flip up Cover face plate for an Outdoor TV
Как сделать откидную лицевую панель для уличного телевизора
We show you how to use 2 Linear Actuators to make a TV Face plate cover flip up, so that you can watch TV Outside....
how to Build a Hidden TV Lift
Посмотрите, как легко можно построить скрытый подъемник для телевизора и барную стойку

Ищете инновационный способ скрыть свой телевизор? Почему бы не создать скрытую панель, пока вы в ней, и управлять ими обоими с помощью пульта дистанционного управления!...

Are standing desks really good for you?
Действительно ли столы для работы подходят вам?
Studies show that standing at least every hour has many health benefits, in fact there is evidence to support this theory since the Apple I-watch has...
What Standing Desk Lift Do I Need?
Какой подъемник для стоячего стола мне нужен?
With more individuals having the ability to choose to work remotely and the rising concern of the negative health effects of sitting too much, standing...
COVID-19 Spurs Need for Healthier Home Office Desk
COVID-19 подстегивает потребность в более здоровом рабочем столе в домашнем офисе
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people have been forced to work from home and many companies may be transitioning to having more...
What’s the Difference between Single and Dual Stage Legs in a Standing Desk Lift?
В чем разница между одноступенчатыми и двухступенчатыми опорами в подъемнике стоя?
When shopping for a standing desk lift, there are a few different factors you’ll need to consider when deciding what standing desk lift is right for...
What Are the Different Types of Standing Desk Lifts?
Какие существуют типы подъемников для стоячих столов?
A standing desk lift is a mechanism that allows you to convert your regular sitting desk into a standing desk. These mechanisms have risen in popularity as...
standing desk assembly instructions
Сборка Видео для Firgelli E-Desk 2-Leg сидеть стоять механизм
Want to see how easy it is to assemble one of our 2-Leg Sit stand Desks lifts ? watch this short video clip to see...

sit stand desks, motorized desks, standing desks, desk lifts, health benefits of sit stand desks,
Что на самом деле происходит с вашим телом, когда вы слишком долго сидите
Many experts say that sitting at a desk for prolonged periods is one of the worst things you can do for your back, as it...
Health Benefits of Using Sit Stand Desks
6 удивительных преимуществ для здоровья от использования столов для сидения
Studies have found that standing for six hours a day instead of sitting can be an effective way to shed some pounds. Standing has been...
All Apple employees now get standing desks
Все сотрудники Apple теперь получают постоянные столы

Генеральный директор Apple Тим Кук недавно раскрыл интересную деталь о Apple Park, новой штаб-квартире компании: Каждый получает постоянный стол

Why You Should Be Using A Sit Stand Desk  The Shocking Risks of Sitting
Почему вам следует использовать стол для сидения и стойки

Шокирующий риск сидения - Сколько часов в день вы проводите сидя? Что, если вы сложите все время, которое вы проводите перед телевизором, сидя в машине...

Are sit & standing desks as beneficial as they are trendy?
Столы для сидячих и стоячих мест так же полезны, сколь и модны?

Согласно новому исследованию, проведенному Школой общественного здравоохранения Центра науки о здоровье Техасского университета A&M, они нужны - но не только для здоровья рабочих. Популярные столы...

Linear Guides VS Drawer Slides
Линейные направляющие VS направляющие для ящиков
In many linear actuator applications, you may need additional supports to help move your desired object or to protect your linear actuator from uneven loads....
How are Linear Guides Used?
Как используются линейные направляющие?
Linear Guides or linear rail slides are support devices that are used to help carry loads and ensure straight and level linear motion. Linear guides will...
linear bearings 101 what are linear bearings
Линейные подшипники 101 - Как работают линейные подшипники
Linear Bearings slide on a Linear Axis in a straight line.  Because they are a bearing it allows you to move a significant amount of...
How to adjust friction on slide rails
Как отрегулировать трение на направляющих
In this Tutorial, we show you how to adjust the central bearing on Firgelli Automations heavy duty (FA-SGR-35) and mini linear track rail (FA-SGR-15N). Adjusting...
50" or 60" heavy duty Drawer Slides - Long Drawer Slides
50 Inch or 60 Inch heavy duty Drawer Slides - Long Drawer Slides
Some applications require Long stroke and heavy duty drawer slides for then you have a heavy load drawer that needs to be pulled out over...
What are the easiest drawer slides to install?
Drawer Slides Complete Guide
Drawer slides can be as easy or as hard as you allow them, and it all depends on what type of slide you choose. In...
How to choose the right drawer slides
Выбор направляющих правого ящика

Информация о выдвижении выдвижных ящиков, грузоподъемности и различных типах монтажа поможет вам выбрать правильную выдвижную направляющую для вашего проекта.

what are some Popular Micro Actuator Use Cases
What are some Popular Micro Actuator Use Cases
 Micro actuators are used in a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics and medical devices to aerospace and industrial automation. The small size, high...
What is the difference between Brushed and Brushless DC Motors
What is the difference between Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

Brushed and Brushless motors. What the difference:

Brushed and Brushless DC Motors are two different types...
Just how big is the Robotic Actuator market globally
Just how big is the Robotic Actuator market globally
The robotic actuator market is a rapidly growing market, driven by the increasing adoption of robotics and automation in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare,...
Planning a New Automation Project
Planning a New Automation Project
A new automation project can be daunting; we know. When uncertainty is keeping your project from progressing, getting back to basics and reviewing your project's requirements can show...
TVL-170 TV Lift Set Up Guide and Information
TVL-170 Set Up Guide and Information
TVL-180 TV lift with Mounted Flatscreen
TVL-180 TV Lift Set Up Guide and Info
A Firgelli TV-Lift system is one of the most convenient and versatile automation units for your home. In this article, we will walk through the...
Track Actuators: Its Got Your Back, Metaphorically
Track Actuators: Its Got Your Back, Metaphorically
FIRGELLI offers many ergonomic options, from adjustable sit-stand desks to the Flip-Down TV Lifts, yet our standard actuators and track actuators can be featured in...
pop up bar - motorized cocktail bar - Cadillac Couch
Cadillac Cocktail Couch - Motorized Pop-up Liquor Cabinet
How to make a Linear Actuator driven Motorized pop-up cocktail cabinet that looks like a Cadillac?. 
Automatic Electric Window Openers & Closers
Automatic Electric Window Openers & Closers
Ever fancied turning your home into a smart home? Well, more people than ever are making the change. The US is expected to have 63...
Automated Electric Window Openers
5 Benefits of Having Electric Window Openers

Electric window openers are not just for cars. You can reap the benefits of electric windows in many more...

Tesla Automatic Charger - How to build a Robotic Automatic Tesla charger
Tesla Automatic Charger - How to build a Robotic Automatic Tesla charger
A FIRGELLI® Customer who has a tesla decided to make his own Robotic Automatic Tesla Charger, and this is his video. Clearly, he knows a...
Top 10 Custom Projects You Can Do With Linear Actuators
Top 10 Custom Projects You Can Do With Linear Actuators
Do it yourself projects are taking America by storm with 57% of homeowners feeling their homes are a work in progress. Fueled by...
How to connect a TV Lift to you're Home Automations system such as Control-4, Insteon, Alexa, etc
How to connect a TV Lift to your Home Automations system such as Control-4, Insteon, Alexa, etc
This Article is to show you how to control a FIRGELLI® Pop-Up TV Lift model TVL-180. The wiring...
How to make an RC Power Wheels for a Disabled Child
How to make an RC Power Wheels for a Disabled Child
Oliver has Cerebral Palsy, but don't let him fool you, he loves to ride around in a power wheels vehicle just like every other kid....
What Are Linear Actuators?
What Are Linear Actuators?
What Are Linear Actuators? Since the electric motor invention, engineers have been searching for ways to use their principle of operation to generate linear motion...
John Deere Tractor Actuator for Sleeve hitch
Джон Дир Трактор Актуатор для рукавов заминки

Проверьте этот прохладный проект на тракторе John Deere с помощью линейного привода для механизма регулировки высоты заминки.

Главная Автоматизация Робототехника для детей

Домашняя автоматизация для детей. Смотреть этот 7yr старый сделать ее дела проще, добавив пульт дистанционного управления линейный привод, чтобы поднять крышку...

Firgelli Automations и «Интернет вещей»

Как Firgelli Automations разрабатывает продукты IoT ready motion

hidden Kitchen Appliances - appliance lift
Линейные актуаторы для скрытой кухонной техники

Что это за очень простой проект по подъему стойки для специй из гранитной кухонной столешницы. линейный привод просто сидит в шкафу внизу и...

Electric Linear Actuators with Feedback Sensors
Электрические линейные приводы с датчиками обратной связи

Так как же линейный привод с позиционным контролем работы, и какие варианты есть для позиционного управления. Мы идем над ними все для вас.

Типы приводов
R2D2 Gripper использует линейные приводы Firgelli

Звездные войны Роботы требуют много линейных приводов и двигателей, чтобы заставить их двигаться так, как мы видим в кино, особенно...

home made ventilator
Является ли это самой простой формой автоматических вентиляторов?
The principles behind this set-up is that the Linear Actuator goes back and forth to compress the Ventilator bag against a hard surface. The speed...
Homemade Medical Ventilator
Самодельный вентилятор
В связи сПандемия COVID-19 (коронавирус) во всем мире не хватает медицинских аппаратов искусственной вентиляции легких. Нашей целью было создать проект по созданию самодельного медицинского вентилятора из...
How to make an Automatic a Chicken Coop Door opener
How to make an Automatic a Chicken Coop Door opener
There are several types of doors that can be used on chicken coops, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Some common types of doors...

Need Help Finding the Right Actuator?

We precision engineer and manufacture our products so you get direct manufacturers pricing. We offer same day shipping and knowledgeable customer support. Try using our Actuator Calculator to get help picking the right actuator for your application.