P-Series Linear Actuators

      P-Series Linear Actuators

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      Motorized your idea’s with these compact and versatile P-Series Actuators.  Available in strokes from 1 to 30” and forces ranging from 35 – 200 lbs.  Manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum and built-in limit switches for automatic end of stroke stopping, these actuators provide zero maintenance for all your automation projects, making you the Automation Expert.

      Based on our popular Standard Classic Linear Actuator models, the P-Series units retain the same compact and versatile body shape while incorporating several upgraded design features that provide:

      • 3 force options: 25lbs, 150lbs, 200lbs force
      • Strokes 1" to 30"
      • Enhanced corrosion resistance
      • Longer unit life
      • Increased durability
      • Low noise design - operates at just 20 DB over ambient.
      • Zinc alloy housing provides an excellent combination of strength, ductility, and impact strength.
      • Save time and money with less repair downtime and maintenance hassle. 
      • Bracket options: MB1-P and/or MB-PB and with MB6-P Body Mounting Bracket and MB10 Rod End Bracket

      There are three force options available (35, 150, and 200 lbs); all three force options of the P-Series Actuators are capable of 500lbs static force. These units come equipped with built-in limit switches, are manufactured with high-grade aluminum outer and inner tubes, and come in various stroke lengths, these Premium Linear Actuators are the beginning of most home and product automation enterprises.

      All of our units are CE and ROHS certified, and come with a 12-month mechanical warranty to keep your units serving you best. Our company values revolve around providing quick and friendly customer service that will follow your experience with our products and staff.

      Model FA-35-12-(X)-P FA-150-12-(X)-P FA-240-12-(X)-P
      Dynamic Force 35 lbs. 150 lbs. 200 lbs.
      Static Force 200 lbs. 500 lbs. 500 lbs.
      Speed ("/S) 2.0" .30" .24"
      Gear Ratio 5:1 20:1 30:1
      Duty Cycle 25% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load , absolute max. 5 mins continuous use
      IP Rating IP61
      Screw Type ACME
      Sound Rating 20 dB over Ambient
      Input 12v DC
      Max Draw 5 A 
      Feedback None
      Synchronous Capability None, 5-10%  variation in speed
      Clevis End 0.24" diameter fits bracket  MB1-P
      Operational Temperature -26°C/65°C (-15°F/150°)
      Limit Switch Built in, non-adjustable. For an adjustable limit switch actuator, check out our "Adjustable Limit Switch Actuator"
      Certifications CE
      Wire Length 2.5 feet
      Bracket(s)  MB1-P and/or MB-PB and with MB6-P Body Mounting Bracket and MB10 Rod End Bracket


      Stroke  Retracted Length (End to End) Extended Length (End to End) Weight (lbs) STEP Files (35)(150)(200)
      1"  5.53"  6.53" 1.60 FA-35(150)(200)-12-1-P.step
      2"  6.53"   8.53" 1.68  FA-35(150)(200)-12-2-P.step
      3"  7.53"   10.53" 1.84  FA-35(150)(200)-12-3-P.step
      4"  8.53"  12.53" 1.92  FA-35(150)(200)-12-4-P.step
      6"  10.53"   16.53" 2.12  FA-35(150)(200)-12-6-P.step
      9"  13.53"  22.53" 2.48  FA-35(150)(200)-12-9-P.step
      12"  16.53"  28.53" 2.78  FA-35(150)(200)-12-12-P.step
      18"  22.53"  40.53" 3.40  FA-35(150)(200)-12-18-P.step
      24"  28.53"  52.53"  4.02  FA-35(150)(200)-12-24-P.step
      30" 34.53" 64.53" 4.68 FA-35(150)(200)-12-30-P.step
      Technical Drawings

      12v Linear Actuators

      Product Video

      P-Series Linear Actuator Review

      p series actuator how to connect to switch
      Comparison Video

      P-Series vs Classic Linear Actuator

      p series actuator how to connect to switch
      Column Conversion Bracket Video

      p series actuator column conversion
      Operating Video

      p series actuator how to connect to switch

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