Industrial Uses of Drawer Slides

You will typically see at least one pair of drawer slides in used everyday whether they are used around your home, in use at your office, or maybe in your RV or camper. But do you know if drawer slides are used in industrial and commercial applications? The short answer is yes, but you maybe wondering where? This blog will highlight some applications where you may see drawer slides in an industrial or commercial setting. In many of these applications are where you may see our Industrial Heavy Duty Drawer Slides in use and may help you understand when you should use heavy duty slides over regular ones.

Industrial Storage

One of the applications you may have thought of for uses of drawer slides in an industrial situation would be for storage, which you would be correct. Drawer slides are often used in toolboxes and other storage solutions to store heavy equipment. These applications would include more extreme environments than your average toolbox or storage solution and would include walk-in freezers for restaurants and food processing plants, chemical storage, and for use in clean rooms.

Toolbox with Drawer Slides


Electrical & IT Enclosures

Another commercial and industrial application of drawer slides are for electrical and information technology (IT) enclosures. Drawer slides are often used in server and network cabinets to give access to engineers when problems occur or when improvements are made, then safely return them into the cabinet to protect the sensitive electronics. Drawer slides are also used in stand-alone IT systems like with check-in kiosks at airports. The drawer slides in these kiosks give engineers and technicians access to the internal electronics when maintenance is required and allow the kiosk to have a compacted footprint when the drawer slides are collapsed.  

 Kiosks With Drawer Slides

Mobile Equipment  

Like with drawer slide applications in a RV or camper, drawer slides are also used in a wide range of mobile equipment and vehicles. Drawer slides are used on emergency vehicles, like firetrucks and ambulances, to allow for compact transport of equipment and give first responders easy access to it. Similarly, they are also used in military vehicles to transport equipment and gain easy access once stopped. Drawer slides can also be found in use on airplanes for compact storage solutions and for in-flight entertainment systems. If you have a work truck for a lawncare company, construction firm, or other similar business, you can use drawer slides like in the above applications to help organize your tools and equipment in custom built storage systems.

Firetruck with Drawer SlidesPickup Truck Drawer Slides Storage Solution

Much More

There are much more industrial and commercial uses of drawer slides out there. This is because drawer slides are an ideal mechanism to create a compact design and allow for easy access to equipment when needed. Both our Cabinet Drawer Slides and Industrial Heavy Duty Drawer Slides can be used in a wide range of custom industrial and commercial solutions.



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