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      The Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 offers a straightforward introduction to basic IoT applications, adhering to the established UNO family form factor. It's ideal for developing sensor networks linked to your home or office router, or for crafting Bluetooth® Low Energy devices that transmit data to smartphones. This board serves as a comprehensive solution for a variety of fundamental IoT scenarios.

      By integrating this board into a device, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network courtesy of its ECC608 crypto chip accelerator, ensuring secure communications. Functionality-wise, it aligns with the Arduino Uno Rev3 but distinguishes itself with added Wi-Fi / Bluetooth® capabilities and other improvements. It features the new ATmega4809 8-bit microcontroller from Microchip and is equipped with an onboard LSM6DS3TR Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU).

      The onboard Wi-Fi Module, the u-blox NINA-W102, is a complete SoC with an integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, enabling Wi-Fi network connectivity or acting as an access point. You can find more details in its datasheet.

      Key specifications of the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 include 14 digital input/output pins (with 5 offering PWM output capabilities), 6 analog inputs, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button. It's designed to be ready-to-use; simply connect the board to a computer via USB or power it with an AC adapter or battery to begin your projects.


      This board utilizes the Microchip ATmega4809 microcontroller. However, it features a compatibility layer within its core, allowing it to execute all sketches designed for the UNO's ATmega328P microcontroller seamlessly on the ATmega4809. For further details on how to use this mode, please refer to the  Getting Started page of the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2.

      Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy

      The communication chipset on the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 supports dual functionality as both a Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy client and host, a distinctive feature among microcontroller platforms. For those interested in the simplicity of developing a Bluetooth® central or peripheral device, we encourage you to delve into the examples provided in the ArduinoBLE library.

      We Make it Open for you to Hack Along

      The Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2 is designed as a dual-processor unit, fostering a rich environment for creative experimentation. By hacking the WiFiNINA module, users can simultaneously leverage WiFi along with both Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy capabilities on the board. Alternatively, you might run a lightweight version of Linux on the module while the primary microcontroller manages low-level devices like motors or displays. Such advanced customizations and experimental applications necessitate in-depth hacking skills and can be undertaken by modifying the module's firmware, available at the github repositoriesfor your exploration.

      BEWARE: this kind of hacking breaks the certification of your WiFiNINA module, do it at your own risk.


        Microcontroller ATmega4809
        Operating Voltage 5V
        Input Voltage (recommended) 6-20V
        Digital I/O Pins 14 — 5 Provide PWM Output
        PWM Digital I/O Pins 5
        Analog Input Pins 6
        DC Current per I/O Pin 20 mA
        DC Current for 3.3V Pin 50 mA
        Flash Memory 48 KB (ATmega4809
        SRAM 6,144 Bytes (ATmega4809)
        EEPROM 256 Bytes (ATmega4809)
        Clock Speed 16 MHz
        Radio module u-blox NINA-W102 (datasheet)
        Secure Element ATECC608A (datasheet)
        Inertial Measurement Unit LSM6DS3TR (datasheet)
        LED_BUILTIN 25
        Length 68.6 mm
        Width 53.4 mm
        Weight 25g


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