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      Arduino Sensor Kit - Base

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      The Arduino Sensor Kit is a comprehensive starting point for Makers new to Arduino, diving into the expansive realm of electronics and programming. It's designed to introduce the basics of connecting and programming a variety of Grove modules, encompassing both sensors and actuators.

      Grove is a versatile, open-source collection of modular, ready-to-use electronic components adopting a straightforward building block approach for assembling electronics. Included in the kit is a Base Shield, allowing for individual or combined connections of different Grove modules to devise fun and creative projects. Each module connects swiftly using a Grove connector to the Base Shield, which then mounts directly onto an Arduino UNO board and is programmable via the Arduino IDE. Detailed guidance for connecting and programming the various modules is also provided in the kit.

      Created in collaboration with Seeed Studio, this kit empowers the Arduino community to embark on projects with minimal wiring and coding hassle. It's a gateway into the Grove ecosystem, offering a scalable way for Makers to enhance their projects with more sophisticated Grove modules.

      The kit includes access to an online platform with comprehensive instructions to jumpstart your journey into electronics. Please note, the Arduino Uno board is not

      Whats Included


        1 Base Shield that is designed to fit on top of an Arduino UNO board. It comes equipped with 16 grove connectors, which, when placed on top of the UNO, provide functionality to various pins. It includes:

        • 7x digital connections

        • 4x analog connections

        • 4x I2C connections

        • 1x UART connection

        10 Grove modules included can be connected to the base shield, either through the digital, analog or I2C connectors on the shield. Let's take a quick look at them:

        • The LED - simple LED that can be turned ON or OFF, or dimmed.

        • The button - push button that can either be in a HIGH or LOW state.

        • The potentiometer - a variable resistor that increases or decreases resistance when turning its knob.

        • The buzzer - a piezo speaker that is used to produce binary sounds.

        • The light sensor - a photoresistor that reads light intensity.

        • The sound sensor - a tiny microphone that measures sound vibrations.

        • The air pressure sensor - reads air pressure, using I2C protocol.

        • The temperature sensor - reads temperature and humidity at the same time.

        • The accelerometer - a sensor used for orientation, used for detecting movement.

        • The OLED screen - a screen that values or messages can be printed to.

        6 Grove cables allows you to easily connect the modules to the Base Shield without any soldering required. 


        The Arduino Sensor Kit Library is a wrapper for that contains links to other libraries related to certain modules such as the accelerometer, air pressure sensor, temperature sensor and the OLED display. This library provides easy-to-use apis that will help you build a clear mental model of the concepts you will be using.


        Access to an online platform with all the instructions required to plug, sketch and play with the different Grove Modules. There are 10 lessons and they are : 

        • 01 The LED

        • 02 The Button

        • 03 The Potentiometer

        • 04 The Buzzer

        • 05 The Light Sensor

        • 06 The Sound Sensor

        • 07 The Air Pressure Sensor

        • 08 The Temperature Sensor

        • 09 The Movement Sensor

        • 10 The OLED Screen


        What is a sensor?
        A sensor is an electronic device designed to detect and measure elements in its surroundings. For instance, the DHT11 sensor gauges temperature and humidity.

        What is an actuator?
        An actuator is a component that executes a physical action, such as an LED that lights up, dims, or turns off.

        What is a Seeed module?
        A Seeed module is a compact electronic device on a small circuit board. All Seeed modules use a uniform connector for simplified interconnectivity.

        What's a Grove connector?
        A Grove connector is a 4-wire system that easily connects to Seeed modules and base shields, streamlining the assembly process and allowing quick sensor integration.

        How are sensors and actuators used in Arduino projects?
        To incorporate Seeed modules into Arduino, mount a Seeed base shield onto an Arduino UNO. Connect the desired module and use the ArduinoSensorKit library to program them effortlessly.

        What modules are included in the kit?
        The kit includes a variety of modules: LED, Button, Potentiometer, Buzzer, Light Sensor, Sound Sensor, Air Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Movement Sensor, and OLED Screen.

        Who can use the kit?
        The kit is user-friendly for beginners with straightforward coding and simplified circuitry via Seeed modules. It's also beneficial for advanced users looking to streamline circuit assembly.

        How does the kit function?
        The kit, excluding an Arduino UNO, provides everything needed. Attach the base shield to the Arduino UNO, connect a module, and follow the detailed instructions and code samples on the content platform.

        What content is included?
        Content includes a Getting Started guide, outlining hardware and software requirements, followed by 10 Lessons covering each Seeed module. It's all accessible through the Arduino Sensor Kit platform, which offers detailed instructions and programming for each component.

        How is the content structured?
        Each activity includes an Introduction, Plug section, Sketch guide, Play instructions, and further reading to Understand the component's workings and applications.

        Supported Languages:
        The online platform is available in English.

        Applications of the Sensor Kit:
        With the Arduino Sensor Kit, you can build various applications like display interfaces, sound detection systems, alarms, light sensors, temperature monitors, and much more. Combine sensors for unique projects.

        Operating System Requirements:
        Windows 7 or higher, Linux, or Mac OS.

        Software Requirements:
        You'll need the Arduino IDE or access to the Arduino Web Editor.

        Hardware Requirements:
        An Arduino UNO board is necessary to mount the base shield.

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