Firgelli Launches New Site

Welcome to Firgelli Automations' new website! This comes with a re-launch of our branding as well as our company structure. We have restructured our RMA process, as well as our sales process. We invite you to participate in this re-launch event and try out our new checkout system!
For returning customers, don't worry the products you know and love are still here! We have just put them under more user friendly names. If you have a part number which you would like to order, you can still put it in the search box to the top right to quickly find what you're looking for! For your convenience, below we have listed the popular products which are now to be referred to by their new names:


FA-PO-XXX-12-XX - Feedback Rod Actuator
FA-HF-100-12-XX - Deluxe Rod Actuator
FA-X00-L-12-XX - Heavy Duty Rod Actuator
FA-XXX-TR-24-XX - Heavy Duty Track Actuator
FA-RA-22-12-XX - High Speed Linear Actuator
FA-XXX-12-XX - Light Duty Rod Actuator
FA-RMS-15-12-XX - Mini Rod Linear Actuator
FA-0X-S-12-XX - Sleek Rod Linear Actuator
FA-TR-35-S-12-XX - Mini Track Linear Actuator


We would like to invite you to sign up for our new publication at the top of the page called 'The Leading Edge', which is a monthly newsletter containing all the latest developments in the technology industry, as well as useful how-to's and exciting projects we think you'd be interested in learning about. We handpick select clients and projects for our publication, and we may pick you if your project is noteworthy and creative!

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