Watch this Customers Drop Down TV lift go to the next level with Back lit LED lighting.

This customer took it to a whole new level with an LED back lit Drop Down TV lift mechanism. They used a  FA-UTVL-200-40 (Upside Down TV Lift, link below) that is mounted in the Ceiling. In this example and the LED lighting really makes it stand out. Excellent work we say. If you have empty space in the Ceiling and want to add a drop down TV lift mechanism, then this is the system for you. We like to promote other peoples work and other peoples businesses. If you have a project to share please share it with us, we are happy to post details on our blog and even link back to your website. 

The Firgelli Drop Down TV lift Mechanism is a complete plug and play system. Follow the instructions on how to assemble the Lift Mechanism that has been developed to be adjustable to fit into many different applications and accommodate different types of TV's  

The mechanism is surprisingly simple to install, you just need to decide which height you want to buy. The Drop Down lift comes in 3 different stroke models. This is basically how far down you want your TV to drop down from the ceiling. So lets say you want to use a 60-inch TV.

These TV's are about 30-inch tall. So you could get away with using the 30-inch Stroke Drop down TV lift system. However this would mean the TV would be still fairly high when you are watching TV. So in this case you perhaps want the TV to drop down into a more comfortable viewing height. So if you select the 50 Inch stroke model it means the TV would drop an extra 20-inches below the ceiling making it a far more suitable height for TV viewing. 

TV lift (

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