Linear Actuators for RV Vehicles - Why manufacturers use Firgelli RV Slide-out Actuators

Firgelli have been making Slide-out Linear Actuators for over a decade. Being located close to the RV Capital of the USA in Washington state we are very conveniently located close to all the big manufacturers. 

RV Slide-out Actuator

Our RV Slide out Actuators offer very high force for even the largest of Slide outs with the most weight and especially that large static force requirements. The DC motors run on 12v and the high IP rating offers great weather proofing. 


  • Part Number FA-HD-2200-XX or FA-HD-2200-XX-24
  • IP 66 rating
  • Wire length: 600mm
  • Connector: none
  • Voltage: 12v and 24v 
  • No-load speed 0.5" per sec (13mm)
  • Gear ratio 40:1
  • Error range is +3mm
  • No-load max Amp 4.5A
  • Full load speed: 4.5mm/sec
  • Full load max Amp: 20A
  • Dynamic Load: 10,000N (2,200lbs) and Static 9000N (2000lbs)
  • Clevic hole dia: 13mm (1/2") both ends
  • Limit switches: built in at either end, not movable
  • Duty cycle 10% at 100% load, 50% at 25% of load
  • Maintenance required: none (sealed unit)
  • Temperature range -40 degrees C - 65 degrees C
  • Screw type is ACME
  • Certificate: CE
  • Overload clutch protection

RV Slide-out Actuator


 Follow this link to view these Heavy Duty Linear Actuators in more detail

Because of the IP rating and price point of these Actuators, they are suited greatly for RV slide outs. The extra force these units exert offers a lot of extra capacity for even the most stubborn Slide outs. They can be controlled and synced together too using our Sync Control box. This allows them to run at the same time which is very important for this sort of application. 

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