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New mini Style 6" Stroke 15lbs Force Linear Actuators 12v
$119.99 $104.99

This new line of Mini Linear Actuators are perfect for applications where little space is available.

Our assortment of Mini Linear Actuators are ideal for lifting or moving TV's,flaps, drawers, lever, and hobbiest robotic designs. Their small size means they can be installed into the smallest of locations inside your boat, car, home or hobby design.

  • 15-lbs Force push or pull
  • 1" Per Sec speed
  • 25% Duty Cycle
  • IP 54 rating
  • Use MB1 brackets for each end of the actuator
  • Use MB6 bracket to mount on the body
  • Available sizes include 2", 4", 6", 8" and 12" stroke or custom lengths
  • They all run on 12vdc and include built in limit switches
  • Easy to wire up with a 4 channel remote control kit (4ch-RC)
  • Always use a 5 AMP fuse when wiring to a car battery, (see EL-Kit for a complete wiring kit)
  • MB1 brackets (for each end) sold separately Buy Here
  • MB6 brackets (Flexible type) Buy Here
  • Power supplies Buy Here
  • Battery Power supplies Buy Here
  • Remote Controls Buy Here
  • Rocker Switches Buy Here
  • Wiring Kit Buy Here

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