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Timer Relay - DPDT Relay
12伏雙刀雙擲定時器繼電器 Out of Stock
$45.00USD Sold Out
Carbon Fiber Cloth
3K碳纖維布-平紋-200g / m2 In Stock
From $57.30USD
Firgelli Robots 3K Carbon Fibre Square Tube with Square Holes-Plain Weaving
帶方孔平織的3K碳纖維方管 In Stock
From $60.50USD
5V Relay Module 4 Channels
5V繼電器模塊-4通道 Out of Stock
$24.40USD Sold Out
Firgelli Robots 6DOF 3-axis Digital Compass
6DOF 3 軸數位指南針 In Stock
Firgelli Robots Air Contaminants Detecting Sensor -TGS2600 compatible
空氣污染物檢測傳感器-TGS 2600兼容 Out of Stock
$15.54USD Sold Out
Firgelli Robots Arduino Mega 2560
阿爾杜伊諾巨無霸 2560 In Stock
Firgelli Robots Arduino Pro Mini Board
阿杜伊諾專業迷你板 In Stock
Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller
Arduino Uno R3 微控制器 In Stock
Firgelli Robots AWG28-20 Wire Crimper
AWG28-20壓線鉗 In Stock

我們為各種運動控制應用提供大量電子硬件零件,而不僅僅是線性執行器或旋轉執行器應用。有關完整列表,您還可以訪問我們的機器人技術網站 Firgelli機器人



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