Four Places to Use a TV Lift Cabinet

Four Places to Use a TV Lift Cabinet

Its 2021 and now perhaps is the time to start thinking about how to modernize your home. Adding a TV lift cabinet around the house not only makes you part of the future of Home automation and IOT (Internet of things) but also is a very clever way to hide that huge black piece of plastic that would otherwise be unsightly. So lets break it down and discover at least four places to use a TV Lift Cabinet

Now that TV's are getting cheaper, we find that most people when it comes to purchasing their next TV are upgrading the size to something larger, because prices are just so low. So if someone typically would have a 55" TV in their bedroom, are now opting for a 65" TV. 

As a trusted supplier of Linear Actuators for 2 decades and even TV lift mechanisms for almost as long, we want to introduce to you our complete TV Lift Cabinet that not only can be used for the home but is also great for tradeshows. 

What is a TV Lift Cabinet?

what is a tv lift cabinet?

 A TV Lift cabinet is a piece of furniture that is used to Hide a TV from view when not in use, but then can raise up into view automatically when required, typically at the touch of a button.  The Mechanisms used inside TV Lift cabinets are motorized Linear Actuators that do the lifting for you electronically in a smooth quiet motion. 

What are the benefits of using a TV Lift Cabinet?

 There are several benefits to consumers that use a TV Lift cabinet, and some of them depend upon the application too. For Home use they include:

  • Saves you space - When the TV is not in use it is hidden away out of sight and that then leaves potential wall space for other things like wall art
  • Ergonomic - TV Lifts mechanisms have the ability to set the desired viewing height to whatever you would like, this makes watching TV more comfortable by having the ability to change its height on the fly. You can even set a pre determined height so that the TV lifts up to a specific position every time if you like. 
  • Security - Since the TV is hidden away from preying eyes, you can feel safe that the TV is not about to be stolen.
  • Clean - Since the TV is hidden away our of sight when not in sure this also prevents the TV from getting dusty and dirty. 
  • Flexibility - TV lift cabinets can easily be moved around the home if the cabinet is placed on caster wheels. simply roll it into place. 

 For Trade show applications. 

  • Attention grabber - For Tradeshows its all about grabbing peoples attention to get them to come to your booth. With a Pop-up TV Lift cabinet the motion itself will grabs people attention that can then be used to your advantage.
  • Dynamic content - Using a TV in a tradeshow allows you to change the content shown on the screen instantly without having to wait for the print shop to complete their work. This means you can change the marketing messages on the fly during the trade-show. 
  • Portability - Tradeshows are all about been portable.  Wheeling the TV Lift cabinet into the tradeshow is very easily done without any set-up required. Simply plug and play. 

What are the most common places to use a TV Lift Cabinet. 

Typically TV's would always be out on display, but now thanks to TV Lift mechanism technology and cabinets, its easy to see how they are now been used in many more places around the home. 

Outdoor Screening. 

outdoor screening tv lift cabinet

 Thanks to the FIRGELLI® Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet you can leave your TV outside in the rain all year long with the use of a waterproof TV Lift cabinet such as this one.  Watching the Game outside in the sun means you don't have to all go inside on a beautiful hot sunny day when you should be outside enjoying the weather.  When not in use or when its raining, simply press a button on a remote control and the TV drops back into its cabinet and is completely protected from the rain.  

Hot tub TV cabinet

hottub TV lift cabinet

There is nothing better that sat in the hot-tub on a snowy wet day and watching a movie whilst you are in the Hot-tub getting warm. For a while Hot tub manufacturers were building small TV's right into the Hot tub itself, however they soon found out that the chemicals used in the hot tub were bad for the TV lift mechanisms and bad for the TV, plus the TV was always limited by space. With the use of an outdoor TV Lift cabinet you can now place the cabinet outside of the Hot-tub and know the TV and mechanism will not be impacted in anyway, plus when you are done watching TV, simply press the remote control and down pops the TV out of sight.

Yachts, boats, RV's or other confined living spaces.

 tv lift cabinets for Yachts, boats, RV's or other confined living spaces

Space is always at a premium for Yachts and RV's so it only makes sense to free up that counter space by having the TV electronically drop down into the cabinet it hides in and let you use that valuable counter top surface area for something else. These are also used in yachts to free up window space for better outdoor viewing when not in use. 

Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen tv lift cabinet use

Watching the TV whilst cooking or perhaps to follow along with the TV cooking show is very popular, but you don't want that TV in view all the time, especially when the Kitchen is typically the show home component to your house. So it only makes sense to have that TV hidden away when not in use. 

Hotel Rooms

hotel room tv lift cabinet

Their is nothing that says 5-star Hotel than having a TV pop up from a cabinet in your hotel room. In fact you only ever see these used in a 5-star hotel. A TV Lift cabinet allows for guests of different heights to be able to select their perfect viewing angle giving them greater flexibility. 

Final Thoughts

A TV Lift cabinet is a great piece of television furniture that can give your customers the control and convenience they want for indoors, outdoors, offices, trade-shows, and hotel TV viewing. Enable your customers to hide their viewing screen at any time at the touch of a button. Check out our TV lift cabinet and add something unconventional to your home and office furniture catalog today. Feel free to contact us. 

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