Ceiling TV Mounts: Which One to Choose?

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Whether at home or at the workplace, televisions are commonly used as displays for entertainment and productivity. Although in many spaces, big TV cabinets or wall mounted TVs are not practical which leaves you with a ceiling TV mounted as the best option. You may also simply prefer to have a ceiling TV mounted as a décor statement. In either case, you may be wondering what are your options for ceiling TV mounts and which one is best? This blog will aim to answer these questions and help you decide on the right ceiling TV mount for your entertainment center or workplace.

Non-Motorized Options

The standard static ceiling TV mount consists of a backplate to mount your television and a support arm that is attached to the supports in your ceiling. These mounts usually allow for both vertical adjustments, to fit different TV sizes and to position your TV at your preferred height, and angular adjustments, to optimize your viewing experience. As these mounts are not motorized, these adjustments are made when you first mount your television and cannot be changed easily. Non-motorized options are a good choice if you know exactly where you want to position your TV, but they don’t have the flexibility or style impact of the motorized options.

Motorized Flip Down TV Mount


ceiling tv mount


The Motorized Flip Down TV Mounts provide an angular adjustment of your televisions from 0 degrees, which is parallel with your ceiling, to 75 degrees. These mounts are easily attached to the surface of your ceiling, only taking an hour or two, and fit both flat and pitched ceilings. To control the motorized functionality of the mount, it makes use of an IR remote that allows you to simply adjust the angle of the TV with a push of a button. The controller also has a memory function to easily adjust back to your favorite viewing position. Firgelli Automation’s Motorized Flip Down TV Mount comes in three different sizes which allows them to work with televisions as small as 19” to as big as 70” in size. These mounts are ideal if you require an adjustable viewing angle or need to mount your TV to the surface of the ceiling.

The Drop Down TV Lifts are the most elegant ceiling mounting option. These lifts allow you to tuck away your television inside of your ceiling and drop it down only when needed. Like the static mounting options, drop down TV lifts mount to the supports in your ceiling, but unlike the static mounting options, they provide much more vertical flexibility. The drop down TV lift comes with a drywall bracket which allows you to attach the cutout section of your ceiling to the lift making it look like nothing has changed when your TV is hidden. The lift is controlled by a RF (radio frequency) remote which means you don’t need to worry about interference when your TV is up in your ceiling. Firgelli Automation’s Drop Down TV lift comes in three different stroke lengths; 30”, 40”, and 50”, to provide the necessary extension to position your TV at your preferred height and to fit televisions that are up to 50” tall. These lifts are ideal when you want your TV hidden away when not in use or if you want to make use of the drop down effect as a showstopper for entertaining.

DIY Option

DIY Drop Down TV Lift

If none of the above options meet your needs or you’re the type that prefers doing it yourself than you may want to consider Firgelli Automation’s DIY Drop Down TV Lift Kit. This lift kit includes everything you need to build your own ceiling mounted TV lift from the linear actuator to mounting brackets to a remote control. The only things you need is a TV and a can do attitude.

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