5 Surprising Reasons You Need TV Lifts In Your Home

outdoor tv lift cabinet

Gone are the days of mounting a flat screen TV on the wall. Home TV lifts are all the rage, as they modernized your home bringing in that “WOW” factor you’re after, enhance aesthetics and decrease the risks of potential damage or injuries caused by TVs toppling over. And that’s only to name a few of the benefits. So, whether you’re selling your home or looking to enhance your living space, there are five reasons a TV lift is the answer for you.   


Sell Your Home Faster

One of the greatest benefits of having a television lift in the home is having the ability to sell your home faster. Even if you aren’t selling the TV lift with the home, having this cool gadget set up to captivate potential buyers’ attention will be greatly beneficial. One TV lift can be all you need to get that “wow” factor in your home.


Ensure the Safety of Little Ones

The biggest problem with televisions mounted on a stand or on a wall is the potential danger they can cause, particularly to little ones. Children are rambunctious and as you already know, they tend to gravitate towards things they shouldn’t touch. This is something you want to avoid, as a heavy television can lead to serious injuries if it were to fall.

Installing a TV lift in your home will eliminate this risk, as you have the freedom to move the television out-of-reach when it isn’t being used.


Change The Space To Accommodate Guests

Perhaps you like to host and never seem to have enough open space. Installing a home TV lift gives you the option to free up space as needed when guests come over. Not only will this make the space open and enjoyable, but it also decreases the risks of potential injuries and damage.  


Added Protection For Your Television

Flat screen televisions are expensive and the last thing you want to do is repair or replace them. With a TV lift, you’re able to decrease the risk of possible damage, as the television can be moved to keep it from being knocked over or tampered with. This is particularly beneficial for anyone with kids in the household or with mischievous pets who are always looking for trouble.  


Declutter Without Eliminating

As the saying goes, mess equals stress. This has sparked a worldwide trend of people decluttering and downsizing their belongings, and there are many benefits to doing so. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to part from your prized televisions or worse, force the family to share only one device. You just need a TV lift installed in the home. This allows you to clear out the space when the television isn’t in use and – voila – instantly less clutter.


Enhance Just About Anything

You can never have too many ways to change up the way you enjoy your home. Home TV lifts are exceptionally versatile and can be set up on a table, desk, cabinet or on the wall. Some TV lifts are designed for outdoors, others will slide into a cabinet at your command, and some drop down from the ceiling, underneath a drawer or pretty much, wherever you want. This allows you to instantly enhance a variety of things and areas in your home.


Wall TV mounts are a thing of the past. It’s all about home TV lifts that enhance aesthetics, convenience and entertainment while also decreasing the risks of potential injuries or damage. Shop our collection of the best TV lifts today at Firgelli Automations.

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