How to create a Force shut off safety system for a Linear Actuator

Overload protection for a Linear Actuator

In this Blog we show you how to use the Firgelli Over current protection system in a Linear Actuator, and use that as an over-force limit protector system for a Linear Actuator.

This sort of system would be ideal for applications where you need some level of safety protection. Lets say you are building a motorized trap door that opens and closes at the touch of a button. But for safety reasons you probably want the Linear Actuator to shut off, if someone or something gets stuck in the way of the door from closing.

force overload protector for linear actuator

The Firgelli FA-POCT device would be used to limit the force and shut off power to the Linear Actuator if such an event were to happen. In addition, this control box has the ability to be programmed to different current levels, and each current level is related to different forces.

Below is the setup we used to demonstrate the over load force protection

How to create a Force shut off safety for a Linear Actuator - Over Current protection of a Linear Actuator.

Below is a Video we created to show how the over load force protection system works

In this setup we use a 12vdc Power supply. These plug into a regular wall socket and convert 120VAC to 12v-DC which is what is required for the Actuator to run.

The power supply then goes through a Rocker switch (MAN-RS2) which simply reverses the Actuator back and forth. Our website has many different types of switches that can be used to achieve this. 

The power then goes into the FA-POCT (over current protection controller) and then from here power goes to the Actuator/s. Note if you wish to use more than one Linear Actuator you can, however please remember the Current then has to be shared between two Linear Actuators. 

The controller has 3 buttons on it and a small LED display. Remove the cover on the controller to get better access to the panel and buttons. The top button is to change the Current shot-off value higher, and the middle button to make it go lower. Set the value you wish where the limits are from 1A to 5A in 0.5A increments. Once selected press the bottom button for 2 seconds to save the desired setting.

Now when you apply external force to the Linear Actuator you will notice the Power shuts off to the Linear Actuator, and this also works in both directions. Increasing the number increases the Current draw the Controller will take before it decides to shut off.   

Once in shut-off mode the controller needs a few seconds to re-set itself and for the load to be removed before it begins normal operation again. 

Here is the link to the actual product on our website

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