How to Build a Pop Up Drawer in Your Wine Cellar That Provides Hidden Storage

Building a hidden pop up drawer is an easy and affordable way to create a one of a kind, distinctive, and original wine cellar.

This same idea can be used for any cabinet around your home for a variety of purposes: storage, security, design or convenience! Check out this video to see the finished product.

Step 1: Purchase Supplies Needed to Build Motorized Lift

pop up wine drawer

To create this hidden pop up drawer we used a Firgelli Automations Electric Column Lift (FA-SCL-650) and a 2 Chanel RF remote control. This column lift comes in a 25,” 36” and 39" stroke depending on the height you need your drawer to lift and ranges in price from $480 - $600. The maximum weight for this lift is 180 lbs.

Step 2: Cut A Rectangular Hole in the Counter Top

pop up wine drawer

Cut a hole in the cabinet top using a router where you want the drawer to lift out of. Mask the counter top to ensure the wood is protected and does not chip. This is where the hidden drawer will be lifted out of by the column lift actuator.

Step 3: Build the Drawer and Install the Column Lift Actuator

pop up wine drawer

Build a drawer the exact size of the opening with a false back. The column lift will be hidden in the false back of your drawer. Here we put the drawer on its side to show how the column lift fits inside. When the column lift is activated it will push up the drawer and when it is lowered the drawer top will be flush with the cabinet.

Step 4: The Firgelli Column Lift Actuator and Drawer

pop up wine drawer

In this picture you can see the column lift actuator when it is fully retracted. When the column lift is extended it is actually 650mm taller than seen here. The drawer was built to this same height. Firgelli Automations can make you a custom lift with any stroke you want or you can simply use the memory feature on the controller to stop the lift where ever you want it to. The lift system is actually very simple to use. Just plug it into the wall and press the remote control button to make it lift and press the down button to make it drop. It's that easy!

Step 5: Install and Adjust the Column Lift

Installing the column lift

Install the column lift on the floor of your cabinet so that when retracted fully the top of the hidden drawer is flush with the cabinet top. You may have to build a shelf or ledge for the lift to sit on in order to achieve this. The drawer may now be slid over the lift. We have also added 2 risers to support the drawer in its down position. In these photos the front cover of the cabinet is removed so you can see the column lift in its down position. (Sorry the photos are a little dark!) The actual column lift mechanism is not screwed or attached to anything - it is free floating.

Step 6: Replace the Cover on Your Cabinet

pop up wine drawer

Install cabinet doors or panels over top to hide the lift mechanism and drawer and you now have a hidden pop up drawer you can control with the touch of a button.

Step 7: Video Explaining the Steps in More Detail

Check out this video showing the steps to build this motorized pop up lift. This concept can be used in so many applications around your home! If you have any questions about this project or ideas for this application please comment.


Adding Drawer Slides

The improve upon this design you could install drawer slides instead of having the pocket drawer slide in and out of the cabinet top. Using a Firgelli Drawer slide would allow for smoother sliding of the cabinet up and down and also reduce the friction and force required to do the lifting. 

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