How 4 Linear Actuators are used to lift the roof on a campervan.

Campervan Transformation 101: Lifting Your Roofs with Linear Actuators 

Campervan conversions have become a quintessential adventure for the unconventional traveler. From off-the-grid escapades to nomadic lifestyles, the allure of the open road is as timeless as it is appealing. However, for the true van lifer, the concept of a home on wheels isn't just about the destination, but the ingenuity of the journey. Enter the innovative DIY project that elevates — quite literally — your campervan game using advanced linear actuators.

In this article, we’ll articulate a fascinating DIY campervan endeavor that uses four linear actuators to lift the roof in perfect harmony, courtesy of FIRGELLI. We’ll explore the technological aspects of this ingenious project and how it can be a game-changer for your mobile living quarters.

Transforming Your Campervan with Technology

The romance of campervan living is often associated with simplicity and a back-to-nature ethos. But what if technology could enhance this experience without overwhelming it? Linear actuators provide a silent and robust solution for raising and lowering the roof of your campervan, offering convenience and comfort without the clunky mechanics.

This project centers around the synchronized lifting of the campervan roof. The implementation of precisely four FIRGELLI Bullet linear actuators represents the cutting-edge integration of robotics into the van life movement. By harnessing the proprietary technology of the FIRGELLI FCB-1 controller, the DIY enthusiast can achieve an elegant lifting system that enhances the functionality of their vehicle.

The Power Behind the Project

Linear actuators have surged in popularity due to their versatility in numerous applications, from home automation to industrial machinery. FIRGELLI, a renowned brand in actuator technology, provides a range of products engineered for precision and durability. The Bullet series was the apparent choice for lifting a campervan roof, ensuring the needed strength and stability without compromising on space or weight.

The FIRGELLI FCB-1 controller acts as the conductor for this orchestra of actuators. Its ability to synchronize and monitor the movement of the four actuators ensures a seamless lifting operation. The controller grants the user autonomy to program movement limits, adjust speed, and even schedule roof lifts, all from the convenience of a remote control or an app.

Step-by-Step Installation

For the DIY enthusiast, the installation process of a linear actuator system is both the challenge and the reward. Here’s an overview of the meticulous steps involved in bringing this project to life within your campervan.

Step 1: Preparation and Planning

The most crucial stage is laying the groundwork. Accurate measurements and design deliberations are crucial. You’ll need to consider the weight of the roof, the dimensions of the linear actuators, the space within the van, and the final look and feel you want to achieve.

Step 2: Mounting the Actuators

The linear actuators used here are the FIRGELLI Bullet series. These must be securely mounted to the roof structure. This involves using the cottrect Actuator brackets that can bear the weight and stress of the operation. In this example the cutromer used the FIRGELLI MB50 brackets to connect aroundnn the actuator body. 

Step 3: What Actuators to use

The FIRGELLI Bullet actuators are used in this example. These Actuators have built-in Feedback which is a feature in an Actuator thas required to maintain synchronization. This ensures that each actuator extends and retracts at the same moment, providing a level lift with no tilting or uneven distribution of weight. Using 4 Actuators that have built-in feedback are required for the controller to get a positional feedback signal from the actuator, and then run the actuators by syncronizing all 4 signals from each actuator. 

Step 4: Installing the Control Box

The FCB-1 control box is installed within the interior of the campervan. Connections are made from the control box to each actuator, and any additional features, such as the remote control unit, are integrated.

Step 5: Testing and Calibration

Once the system is set up, careful testing is performed. The movement patterns are programmed, and the lift is calibrated to ensure flawless, synchronized operation.

Advantages of an Actuator-Lifted Roof

Implementing linear actuators to lift the roof provides several advantages that complement the campervan lifestyle:

Space Optimization

By deploying actuators, you free up space within the vehicle that would otherwise be taken up by more traditional lifting mechanisms.

Customization and Control

With the FCB-1 controller, you have unprecedented control over the lifting process. Adjusting movement speeds, setting specific lift heights, and scheduling lift times are only a few features that enhance the personalization of your van setup.


With minimal moving parts and rugged construction, linear actuators are built to last. There's less worry about mechanical failures during your travels.

The DIY Community's Take

The DIY revolution in the campervan world has ignited a community of creative innovators who are redefining what’s possible on the road. Projects like the actuator-lifted roof are celebrated for their unique blend of functionality and flair.

Inspiration and Innovation

Sharing such projects within the community sparks inspiration and encourages further innovation. Each new idea contributes to a collective body of DIY knowledge that drives the passion and spirit of campervan culture.

Sustainability and Adventure

While technology plays a role, the essence of the campervan movement remains rooted in sustainability and adventure. Linear actuators are a prime example of the dual commitment to practicality and the pioneering spirit.


The integration of linear actuators into the realm of campervan conversions symbolizes the merger of modernity with adventure. This not only enhances the physical conveniences but also nurtures the spirit of exploration that defines the van life community.

For those looking to elevate their campervan experience to new heights — quite literally — the actuator-lifted roof is a testament to the endless possibilities when technology and creativity converge. Whether it's a project for the intrepid DIY soul or an inspiration to the innovators within us, the actuator-lifted roof serves as a beacon of ingenuity in the mobile-living frontier.

For more on this transformation and other tech-driven van life upgrades, visit FIRGELLI online. Join the discussion, and expand your horizons with innovations like the actuator-lifted roof. The open road awaits, now equipped with a touch of technological magic that only enhances the purity of your nomadic soul.

With precision-engineered actuators propelling your campervan's roof to the skies, your explorations take on a whole new dimension. Welcome to the future of van life — a world where the roof is both your shelter and a testament to the limitless potential of your mobile abode.


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