Home Automation - Drop Down TV Lift over Fireplace

TV Lift MechanismToday's story revolves around a couple and their quarrels. Doug, a successful businessman from the San Francisco area decided to place an LCD screen over the fireplace, to which his beloved wife strongly disagreed. Thinking outside the box, he noticed that he had approximately 4-1/2 inches of space between some structural elements and framing right above the space he wanted his flat screen. At this point, he got online and picked out the right sized TV Lift from Firgelli TV Lift Kit and had it shipped. The end result is a happy wife and a fantastic spot for him to enjoy his flat screen TV, and hide it when it's not in use.
This is a fine example of our drop down TV lift mechanism being used in a beautiful space, complimenting the natural light and not taking away from other features of the room such as the fireplace. 
Often times, people phone our tech support line to come up with ideas on how to place their TV in their living space without it becoming the center of attention, and without distracting visitors from the architecture or layout of the room; drop down and pop up TV's are a simple and effective solution to hidden TV needs.
When it comes to home automation, we pride ourselves in providing quality advice and products to give your living space or office the finishing touch it needs. The only ingredient that Firgelli Automations can't provide is the initial spark of genius it takes to think outside the box, and decide that you are ready for something unique. We are very fortunate and thankful to have such a creative customer base that invites us to be a part of their automated story. For more information on how to install pop up or drop down TV lifts, stay posted to our blog, where you will find more neat projects, and informative how-to's on exciting projects. For more information on the product or details of the installation feel free to contact our friendly and patient staff or continue to browse our online storefront for more examples of how home automation can compliment your sense of style and ingenuity. 



Hidden TV Mechanism
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