John Deere Tractor Actuator for Sleeve hitch

How do you make a height adjustment mechanism for a John Deer tractor or any other farming equipment machine using a Linear Actuator. 

Sleeve Hitch height adjustment of a john deer tractor

FIRGELLI® gets a lot of requests for Actuators to be used in John Deere tractors for adjusting the hitch lift and many other moving parts on tractors. We also provide Actuators for snow blower chutes too.  This project used a heavy duty Linear actuator with 2000 lbs force to adjust the hitch. the Actuator is pointing down for better waterproofing the actuator and it simply pulls up and down the hitch making it much easier to connect a trailer and also adjust the trailer height once connected.

A rocker switch is added to the dash to Control the hitch's height position, the switch which we also sell is a momentary switch so that as soon as you let go the Actuator stops in any position you want it too.   

Its important to remember for this type of application you need to choose an actuator with a lot of force and more importantly a high static force spec so that it doesn't move when no power is applied to the actuator.  We recommend the FIRGELLI industrial Linear Actuator below. 

linear actuator for john deer tractor

Here is the link to this actuator (John deer Linear Actuator)  the wiring diagram to hook this Actuator to a switch and power supply can be found using our wiring diagram generator located here (Actuator wiring diagram generator)

John Deere Tractor Actuator for Sleeve hitch

in the image above you can see the hitch is in the up most position on the back of this John Deere Tractor

John Deere Tractor Actuator for Sleeve hitch

Above you can see the hitch is in the middle point on the back of this John Deere tractor. Because the ball hitch is round, tis means whatever you attach to it does not have to be perfectly horizontal because the ball design is such that it can rotate for when going up and down hills and bumps etc.

FIRGELLI® develop Linear Actuators for every industry you can imagine, not just farming equipment. Since 2002 FIRGELLI has been developing Linear Actuator motion control systems for just about every application on the planet. To view all our Linear Actuators click here. (Linear Actuators)


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