50 Inch or 60 Inch heavy duty Drawer Slides - Long Drawer Slides

Long Drawer slides for long extension requirements and heavy loads.

long drawer slides

 Some applications require Long stroke and heavy duty drawer slides for then you have a heavy load drawer that needs to be pulled out over long distances. As you can see above in this mobile application this has multiple drawer slide pull outs that have 50" heavy duty drawer slides that can carry 400-lbs of force or more. 

long drawer slides - 60" drawer slides

 Converting a vehicle like this Land Rover defender to have a series of pull-outs requires the use of long stroke Drawer slides that are not typically available at your regular hardware store that would carry the standard kitchen drawer slide rails. FIRGELLI® specialize in long stroke and heavy duty drawer slides for exactly this type of application above.

this Land Rover Defender includes the following slide-outs

- 3 stack fridge pack system
- shallow drawer table combo
- slide out pantry
- false deck with access hatch to Egon system.

Other bits include
- Camp King Industries roof top tent
- Front Runner Outfitters roof rack


truck bed long drawer slides

 Truck Bed long Drawer slide pull-outs

 In the Truck bed above you can see another typical application whereby the entire truck bed would slide out. A 60" drawer slide extension would be required for long bed trucks if you need the entire length of the truck  bed to be able to slide out. Plus been able to carry allot of weight would be extremely important for applications like this. 

long drawer slides for RV BBQ slide outs 

Consider a pull out kitchen from the back of your SUV as used in the above whereby the owner built a Slide out grill and table top for food preparation to slide out of the back of his vehicle. Here 50" Long extension drawer slides with a 400-lbs weight capacity were used for extra stability and weight capacity. 

heavy duty Drawer slide

In Either Application you need to use a heavy duty Drawer slide that can carry a lot of weight, made from a hardened stainless steel so they don't rust, and have bearing slides to make them smooth to run for a very long time. 

Below is a link to the FIRGELLI® Drawer slides. They are available in different extensions and different weight capacity. The heavy duty slides are the most recommended for applications similar to above.




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