What is a kitchen appliance lift system

This latest Kitchen design feature, that happens to have many great advantages is the latest in Home kitchen designs must-haves.  Thanks to motion control technology, an automated electronic kitchen appliance lift system is now available to make your life easier around the home, whilst hiding away those appliances with ugly cords, leaving your kitchen to look like it's straight out of the latest edition of kitchen design magazine.

 What is a kitchen appliance lift system

Have you ever noticed how in home magazines you never see appliances on the kitchen counter tops or center islands. That's right the toaster, blender, kettle and so on are all taken out of the frame before those pictures are taken to give the kitchen that fresh brand new clean look. Uncluttered, no wires, simple and fresh is what publishers and photographers are looking for when it comes to that photo shoot. 

kitchen appliance lift system

Well now thanks to linear Actuator technology, a motorized electronic kitchen appliance lift system is now available for your home. And not only can these lift systems lift heavy appliances out of cabinets, but they can also drop them downwards for those people that want the appliance hidden away higher up and dropped down into view when required. 

 kitchen appliance lift system

 A kitchen appliance lift system is a column lift actuator thats used to lift up and down a cabinet or drawer that sits vertical inside a cabinet, that when energised the lift system drops down or up the drawer or cabinet into view.  Appliances are placed inside these drawers or cabinets so that they are readily available for use, but then at the click of a button, hidden away out of sight when not required, leaving the kitchen to look clean and tidy.  Typically if installing a brand new kitchen you would work with the cabinet maker of the kitchen to tell them what type and size of garage appliance you wish you have.  The thing to remember is that when the cabinet lift is closed it consumes space inside the main cabinet still. So in the case of the picture below you can see that drawers are not as deep as regular drawers because the appliance garage lift consumes some of the space  when its is lowered back down into the main cabinet.

What is a kitchen appliance lift system

Below is a FIRGELLI kitchen appliance lift mechanism. They are available in diifferent lengths and stroke and can lift alot of weight. they come with a programmable controller where you are able to set different heights if required. The principle of htese systems is that the colum part is what lifts up and down and it is this that is connected to the inside of a vertical cabinet drawer.

These systems do not look overly complicated, because they are not. These are simple to install and use, because they are a plug and play device made for anyone to install and use. Simply plug into the wall and you are ready to go.  The controller can be hidden away somewhere or mounted under the counter top for easy access. 


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