Firgelli Introduces the new Mini Bullet Actuator with built in force sensing for Skylight windows or many other applications

These Actuators come with force sensing built in, this means if they bump into something or when they get to the end of their stroke they automatically stop moving until you either change direction or remove the load. This is a great new safety mechanism and offers many applications from Skylight Window openers to Automotive motion control where space is tight. 

These Actuator are compact in size and use a very high precision DC motor that are both ultra quiet and powerful for its size. Our high IP rating means it can be used for most applications even outdoor and if you add the optical sensor option you then get very precise control of your devices. We offer them in both 12v and 24v and stroke increments of 1" however we can make them to whatever stroke options you prefer. The brackets if required for each end of the actuator are called MB14 and can be found on the second link below

Skylight window actuator

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