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Firgelli Robots Hall-effect Current Sensor Unit
Hall-Effect Current Sensor Unit In Stock
$ 183.00 MXN
High Current DC Motor Drive - 43A
High Current DC Motor Drive - 43A In Stock
$ 799.00 MXN
Firgelli Robots Mini Crawler Base with built-in Motor Drive Circuit
Mini Crawler Base In Stock
$ 2,641.00 MXN
Mini Servo ESC Tester
Mini Servo ESC Tester In Stock
$ 259.00 MXN
Firgelli Robots 0.8mm Dia. Lead-free Solder - Sort: Sn-0.7Cu
Non-Lead Solder - 0.8mm Dia. In Stock
$ 1,161.00 MXN
Firgelli Robots Plastic Worm Gear M: 0.3 / 0.4
Plastic Worm Gear M: 0.3 / 0.4 In Stock
$ 6.00 MXN
Firgelli Robots PS2 Thumb Joystick Controller
PS2 Thumb Joystick Controller In Stock
$ 38.00 MXN
Firgelli Robots Ratchet Ferrule Crimper - 4 Jaw
Ratchet Ferrule Crimper - 4 Jaw In Stock
$ 871.00 MXN

We carry a large selection of Electronics Hardware parts for any motion control Application not just Linear Actuator or rotary Actuator applications. For a full list you can also check our Robotics website Firgelli Robots



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