How Long Can an Actuator Last on a 12V Car Battery?

So exactly how much lifespan can you get from a single car battery charge to run an actuator?

Linear Actuator hooked up to a Car Battery

Actuators are indispensable components in automotive applications, enabling precise mechanical movements. Understanding the operational duration of actuators on a 12V car battery is crucial for efficient system design. In this article, we answer this question assuming that a FIRGELLI 12V Utility model actuator with a 6-inch stroke id used, exerting 100 lbs of force that draws approx 4A of current. We will calculate the battery lifespan, discuss the impact of stroke length on longevity, and even touch upon the integration of solar panels to maintain battery charge levels.  To do your own calculation, you can use our online calculator below, and you will need to know how much current the actuator draws at different loads, so refer to each product page where their will be graphs included that show the current draw at different load values. 

Based on the documentation provided by the Utility actuator product page, let's assume our car battery has a capacity of 50 ampere-hours (Ah), meaning it can supply a constant current of 4A for approximately 12.5 hours (Source 1).

Calculating Battery Lifespan: To determine the actuator's operating time on a 12V car battery, we need to consider the battery's capacity and the current drawn by the actuator. Let's assume our car battery has a capacity of 50 ampere-hours (Ah), meaning it can supply a constant current of 4A for approximately 12.5 hours (50 Ah / 4 A = 12.5 h).

Key Duration: With each stroke of the actuator lasting 10 seconds (depending on stroke), we can calculate the number of strokes the actuator can perform before depleting the battery:

Battery Lifespan (in hours) = Battery Capacity (in Ah) / Current Drawn by Actuator (in A) Battery Lifespan (in hours) = 50 Ah / 4 A = 12.5 hours

Battery Lifespan (in seconds) = Battery Lifespan (in hours) × 3600 s/h Battery Lifespan (in seconds) = 12.5 h × 3600 s/h = 45,000 seconds

Number of Strokes = Battery Lifespan (in seconds) / Stroke Duration (in seconds) Number of Strokes = 45,000 s / 10 s = 4,500 strokes

Actuator battery life calculator

Try this calculator below to calculate how many cycles you are likely to get out of your actuator based on the size of the battery you have and the stroke length of the actuator and size of the actuator, which in this case is based on the current draw of the motor. 

Actuator Battery life Calculator


Things to consider:

Effect of Stroke Length on Battery Lifespan: It's worth noting that the stroke length of an actuator affects battery longevity. Longer strokes typically require more energy to complete, impacting the actuator's operational time. To gain further insights into this trade-off, a study published in the Journal of Engineering Science and Technology provides a comprehensive analysis of actuator stroke length and energy consumption (Source 2).

Integrating Solar Panels: Integrating solar panels can enhance battery lifespan and maintain optimal charge levels. A research paper published by the International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research discusses the integration of solar energy with automotive systems and explores optimal solar panel sizes for various applications (Source 3).

Solar Panels connected to Car Battery

Conclusion: Understanding the relationship between actuators and 12V car batteries is essential for estimating operational time. Citing the specifications provided by the actuator manufacturer and referring to studies published in reputable sources, we have calculated battery lifespan and discussed the impact of stroke length. Additionally, we introduced the concept of integrating solar panels, referencing a research paper that explores solar energy integration in automotive systems. By considering credible sources, we have provided readers with an informative and reliable resource to comprehend actuator lifespan and battery usage in automotive applications.


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