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Linear bearings provide smooth and effortless linear motion for various applications including home automation, automotive, industrial, and more!

We have 2 types of Linear Bearings:

1. Carriage style. Capable of carrying up to 750lbs of weight these units offer very smooth operation and great versatility. We sell these with different rail lengths, you simply cut the rails to get the length you require or add more rails to make them as long as you wish.  Extra carriages can also be purchased here

2. Drawer Slide Bearings.The heavy duty long stoke linear Slide bearings are used for heavy duty drawers. For example, as used on RV campers to slide those large drawers out that require very long strokes and lots of weight. Our Extra Heavy Duty Telescopic Ball Bearing Drawer Slides can take up to 500lbs per pair, and extend up to 50"  

Custom strokes and lengths are available. 



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