Overcurrent Protection System - FA-POCT

      Overcurrent Protection System - FA-POCT

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      Firgelli Automations developed a Programmable Over-current Protection System to help guard against actuator burnout.

      We have also written a Blog and created a video on how to use this. Click here to view the blog

      The Over-current Protection System is designed to be connected in series with the drive to the actuator, it works with reverse polarity mode, and the current limit can be set in 0.5 A increments, ranging from 1A to 5A.

      All Firgelli actuators (with the exception of the Bullet 23 Cal. and the Bullet Mini) have internal limit switches that cut power to the actuator when the extended or retracted end limits are reached.

      During the stroke it may be necessary to limit the force on the actuator to prevent burnout. As the drive motor current is directly related to the force, a system that senses and cuts off current is the ideal solution.

      The over current sensor can be set with the simple push of a button depending on the actuator type and your application.

      The module incorporates a special scheme to ignore the initial large surge current at start-up of the actuator for the first 0.5 seconds of operation.

      The Over-current Protection System is an ideal choice being a viable alternative to using fuses, replacing blown fuses traditionally used for actuator protection.

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