Types of Actuators

Ou website has many different Actuators that can make it confusing for some. We thought it would be useful to describe each of the models we carry to make your understanding a little clearer. 


TV lift mechanism

TV lift console. Thin, plasma and LCD TVs can be difficult or inconvenient to arise, but a TV lift console is very easy to install and keeps your television out of the way until it’s needed. Attractive TV lift cabinets can also be focal points, beautiful, hand crafted high end pieces of furniture that make a statement about your personal sense of style.

TV Lifts which enable TVs to “pop up” or “pop down” into and out of a cabinet .TV Lifts can be added to a handmade piece of furniture to electronically lower and lift the TV to create more space, keep your TV away from sight in a vacation home and protect your TV from damaging.

It is important when considering which TV Lift to purchase that it meets your technical requirements and is of a high build quality to ensure it safely raises and lowers your TV. Motions range of TV lifts can lift any flat screen TV in today’s market, from smaller TVs weighting 43kg right the way through to large TVs weighing 100kg. All our TV Lifts come with an IR remote control as standard.

Rod actuators

Actuators are used to provide working linear motion  They are powered devices that may use electromagnetic coils, electric motors, and compressed oil and gas as power sources. As they may be different in design and function, many of devices transfer their working motion to their activated device like an actuator rod. This part of the actuator forms the physically transfers the actuator's mechanical output to the device it is designed to actuate and the device being activated.

In many cases, this part is little more than a simple, straight metal rod. Some actuator systems do, but, have fairly complicated actuator rod assemblies consisting of several linkages. The design of the rod is largely dictated by the kind of actuator, the output torque involved, and the kind of device being actuated.  Medium to heavy duty actuator rods are made of metal, with lighter duty like aluminum or various grades of plastic.


Remote systems

The system applies a highly secure code hopping Radio frequency protocol to ensure safe and reliable operation. The receiver is connected using standard screw terminals and is powered from DC 12.0Volts. The two outputs switch up to 12.0Ampere at AC 12 Volts DC and are operated separately by pressing one or other of the keyfob buttons. The system is outfitted with one or two button keyfob transmitter and the receiver can learn up to a total of 6 keyfobs for multiple users. If a keyfob is stolen, then just reset the unit and define it a new keyfob code.

High speed linear actuator

Starting with the control of accessory drives on backyards tractors and garden equipment and broadening to surrounding applications ranging uncomplicated remote control to complicated precision control systems, linear actuator experience range more than 4 decades

Electric actuators are cost-effective more than the pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts. Electric actuators benefits from energy-efficient, cleaner, simpler, power transmission. Electric actuator integration is very easy with programmable controls, lubrication needed except in extreme conditions and maintenance is minimized with no parts replacement. The High Speed Linear Actuators are built from integrated with high speed, light weight body, a tubular aluminum alloy, planetary gear motor. The actuators are suitable for any type of indoor/outdoor application where high speed stroke is required and/or very low noise, measuring only 5dB above ambient. These actuators look great, are fast, versatile and quiet. The idea was to use a low effort high speed linear actuator with a measuring instrument in combination with an H-Bridge to control to linear distance by way of a laptop. The problems imply to be finding the right linear actuator.

Mini Track actuator

Subsist of a highly active ball bearing screw drive system coupled through a gear train to an AC motor, these actuators feature strong, robust, and reliable quality construction with a stainless steel extension tube and slip clutch to protect the maintenance free unit from overload. Trucks and other heavy duty vehicles have to work around the clock in intense and bitter environments. Electric actuator systems for these vehicles have to be tough enough to hold off cold and heat and also from dust and water.


Heavy duty truck actuator

Trucks do regularly work for hours and hours with no maintenance and the demands in regard to truck aerodynamics, truck safety and truck fuel efficiency are totally high. You will appreciate a wide variety of truck application by automation for the truck safety and comforts.

However, manufacturers are making advances in the solid construction of severe duty, all-wheel drive trucks to maximize service life and charge capacity, they are also searching to enhance flexibility both off and on highway. New independable suspensions are designed to lighter, add to saving fuel.

To lessen the wear and boost vehicle flexibility and tear on severe duty truck suspensions, a in dependable dependent suspension spring is required to assure optimal performance. An independent suspension system with a quality spring can improve load distribution while hydraulic dampers are improving steering and handling. In the result damage is less to the heavy duty truck due to poor road conditions, maximum performance in harsh, unstable terrains.

An important tool for fuel injection timing could be varied over the load and speed range of the engine. Although injection timing could be mixed with a purely mechanical approach, electronic controls allow a flexible and a potentially easier way to achieve and also providing the option of introducing many other desirable features.

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