Home Automation Robotics for kids

Watch this 7 year old girl install a Firgelli Linear Actuator in her home to make doing her chores easier, now even kids can use home automation to their advantage.  She used a 12v Battery and a remote control unit and 2" stroke linear actuator all from us, so If a 7 year old girl can do this, then so can you.

One of her chores is to put the Blankets away in a Blanket box, she complained of having to put the Blankets down and open the box manually then one day said is there an easier way. Well of course when there's a Linear actuator laying around of course there's an easier way. She used a 2" stroke FA-RMS style actuator, a pair of MB1 brackets for each end of the actuator, a remote control unit (2CH-RC) and a 12vdc Battery, (FA-Battery-12v), all available on our website. This took about 5 mins to install so what could be easier. The video says it all

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