Engineering conversion calculator Temperature - Length - Area - Volume - Weight - Velocity - Pressure - Flow

Explore our extensive Engineering Conversion Calculator covering Temperature, Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Velocity, Pressure, and Flow units. This versatile toolbox simplifies engineering tasks.

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Length Conversion


  • Millimeters:
  • Centimeters:
  • Meters:
  • Kilometers:
  • Inches:
  • Feet:
  • Yards:
  • Miles:
  • Nautical Miles:


Temperature Conversion


  • Celsius:
  • Fahrenheit:
  • Kelvin:


Area Conversion


  • Square Meters:
  • Square Kilometers:
  • Square Inches:
  • Square Feet:
  • Square Yards:
  • Square Miles:
  • Acres:


Volume Conversion


  • Cubic Meters:
  • Liters:
  • Cubic Inches:
  • Cubic Feet:
  • US Gallons:


Weight Converter




    Velocity Conversion


    • Meters/Second (m/s):
    • Kilometers/Hour (km/h):
    • Feet/Minute (ft/min):
    • Feet/Second (ft/s):
    • Miles/Hour (mph):
    • Knots (knots):
    • Millimeters/Second (mm/s):
    • Centimeters/Second (cm/s):
    • Inches/Second (in/s):
    • Mach (mac):


    Pressure Conversion


    • Pascals (Pa):
    • Bars (bar):
    • Millimeters of Water Column (mm H2O):
    • Kilograms per Square Centimeter (kg/cm²):
    • Pounds per Square Inch (psi):
    • Inches of Water Column (in H2O):

    Flow Conversion


    • Cubic Meters per Second (m³/s):
    • Cubic Meters per Hour (m³/h):
    • US Gallons per Minute (US gpm):
    • Cubic Feet per Minute (cfm):


    Welcome to our comprehensive Engineering Conversion Calculator – your go-to toolbox for effortlessly converting between various engineering units. Whether you're a seasoned engineer or a student just starting out, this collection of calculators covers a wide array of essential units, making it an indispensable resource for anyone working in the field of engineering.

    Our calculators encompass a broad spectrum of conversion categories, including Temperature, Length, Area, Volume, Weight, Velocity, Pressure, and Flow. With these calculators at your fingertips, you can quickly and accurately convert measurements from one unit to another, saving you time and ensuring precision in your engineering tasks.

    Imagine the convenience of converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit, calculating lengths from millimeters to miles, determining areas and volumes, adjusting weights, and even deciphering complex units like velocity, pressure, and flow—all with just a few clicks. This versatile collection is designed to simplify your work, streamline your projects, and enhance your engineering expertise.

    We encourage you to bookmark this page for easy access in the future. With these calculators on hand, you'll have a reliable tool to tackle any conversion challenge that comes your way. Whether you're in the lab, on-site, or in the classroom, our Engineering Conversion Calculator is your trusted companion for converting units effortlessly and accurately. Welcome to your engineering toolbox!

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