New Drop Down TV Lift From Firgelli Automations

Check out this sneak peak of Firgelli Automation TV Lift Kit brand new drop down TV lift that will be selling in the near future.  This new drop down lift offers a smooth and quiet operation along with a simple installation process.  It comes with universal TV mounting brackets and can be operated by remote control.  Drop down TV lifts are the perfect solution when space is at a premium and you still want a TV in the room. 

This rendering of a ceiling deployed lift is a great example of how a Firgelli Drop Down TV Lift could be installed.

Drop Down TV Lift

The installation process is quite simple and can be done in under one hour. 

drop down tv lift parts

1.  Attach the top mounting plate to a solid beam where you want the TV to drop down from.  (Note: This drop down TV lift was installed in the corner of a room, outside the ceiling, just as an example so we could photograph the parts and show how little space it takes up.)

top mounting plate drop down tv liftdrop down tv lift

2.  Attach the lift mechanism to the top mounting plate.

drop down tv lift mechanism

3.  Plug in the lift mechanism and extend and retract it to make sure it is operating smoothly.

drop down tv lift extendeddrop down tv lift retracted

 4.  Assemble the TV mounting bracket using the screws provided.

TV bracket for drop down tv lift

5.  The 2 long arms are attached to the back of your flat screen TV using the screws that come with your TV.

back of TV with brakcets installed

6.  Now attach the TV bracket to the mounting bracket using the screws provided.

tv bracket attached to mounting bracket

7.  These 2 brackets now fit onto the lifting mechanism and are attached at the top using the screws provided.

tv lift

8.  Now all you do is fit the TV onto the lift mechanism using the brackets on the back of the TV.  They have a notch in them and just slide on.  Finally,  program the RF remote control to operate the lift. 

drop down tv liftdrop down tv lift

And that's it!  You are finished.  Stay tuned for more pictures and video of the lift in operation and for a presale date!

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