5 Benefits of Having Electric Window Openers

electric window openers

Electric window openers are not just for cars. You can reap the benefits of electric windows in many more places than you think.

From your front doors and windows to awnings and patio doors, electric window openers have many wonderful benefits.

This article lists five of the best benefits that come with installing electric window openers in your home.

1. Ease of Use

Out of reach windows such as skylights are very hard to open and close manually. They may require a ladder or steps and what typically happens is that the owner simply doesn't bother. This can cause over heating in the home or other issues, so motorizing a window that out of reach makes perfect sense. 

Electric window openers make the process as easy as possible for the user. Several factors come into play when making it easier. One of these is the use of actuators that apply pressure to the window, which reduces strain on the person opening the window, making them suitable for the elderly. 

Linear actuators are used in electric windows to cope with the pressures of opening horizontal or angled windows that create excess forces, needing an upwards movement. The actuators work by converting a rotational motion into a linear one using a rod that pushes the window out.

Chained actuators work better for vertical windows as they operate on a chain instead of a rod. They require less pressure to move as a result. Folding arm actuators are best on side-hinged windows, making hard-to-reach windows a breeze. Imagine being able to open your kitchen windows wide without having to climb into the sink!

2. Automation Capabilities

automatic electric window openers

Installing electric window openers leads to a world of automation capabilities unimaginable many years ago. Anyone who struggles opening windows is now able to use remote control. That kind of freedom is a big deal, especially for anyone vulnerable who wishes to pursue an independent lifestyle.

Not only that, but some can hook up to your smart home too! They provide an extra level of safety and security. Imagine if you're prone to forgetting to close windows, for example, those with ADHD or conditions like Dementia.

The smart home could use geolocation to shut and lock the windows when someone is not at home, secure the home, and make it safer. Or, you could set them to open at a certain time while in the house every day to optimize airflow and keep the house cool.

3. Energy Efficiency

Electric window openers are a fantastic way to save money on energy used at home or work. Not only that, but electrical heat when you're away, and it's cold outside, can make your place more expensive to heat.

That's especially true you leave your windows open for too long and let the temperature in your home drop too low because you forgot to close a window.

You can use smart home technology (or your instinct if tech isn't your thing!) to open and close any combination of windows at once if the house is getting too cold or too warm. These often link up to a smart thermostat or temperature sensors around the home.

These can also alert you if a window is left open too long, which is why it's important to close windows right away and code windows, so you know whether they opened or not.

In some places, this can save a lot of money on heating bills. You'll also get a better night's sleep with better temperature regulation. And worry-free energy use, too!

4. Safety and Security

Electric window openers make it easier and safer to close and open. For anyone who struggles to open a window, particularly an attic or conservatory window, it reduces the risk of accidents such as trapped fingers since the user doesn't need to touch the window at all.

For those looking to be more secure, installing electric window openers needs considering. Having them on your windows can keep out intruders and thieves. You can also close all windows at once in case you're worried about someone breaking into your home.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to home safety. Even a simple button-press system is safer than manual ones. But for the best security, look for smart home integration and automation capabilities.

5. Control Humidity and Air Quality

If you have humidity sensors in your house, you can receive alerts for whether you need to open your windows or not. Doing this reduces the risk of dampness throughout your home. At the same time, the electric window openers help provide fresh air for healthier living.

Many with allergies such as asthma and reactions to mold benefit the most from this. Having the air quality monitored in this way can lead to a better night's sleep as well. As a result, you'll feel better and more refreshed throughout the day.

It's also great for other humidity-related use cases. An example of this is a musician with lots of wall-hung guitars. In some climates, should the humidity and air quality in the room move out of the safe zone, this can permanently damage the instruments and cause cracked necks on guitars or bowed wood that causes strings to become out of tune.

That way, you can regulate a room to ensure thousands of dollars of equipment (and priceless sentimentality) doesn't get destroyed by erratic weather patterns.

Choose Electric Window Openers Today

Electric window openers are worth the cost for anyone looking to automate their home. Whether it's for ease of use or as a smart home hobby. They're also great for improving energy efficiency, safety, and security at home. If you think all your windows need them or you only need one or two, then you'll find your life is a breeze!

For all your electric window opener needs, contact us today and see if we can find open the right ones for you!

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