Landcruiser Roof lift using 4 Tubular Linear Actuators

One of our customers wanted to replace their air ram actuators with our Electric Linear Actuators to lift the roof up on their Landcruiser truck. In this application the Actuators are used slightly differently to how most other people use them. Here the end of the shaft is actually fixed still and the actuator body slides up and down, they even build a guide for the actuator body to slide in and out of freely. The result is the same we just like to see examples of people using the actuators in unique ways as shown here.

Below is their write up on the project and we thank them for sharing it with us.

We're Marc Joinville, France Labonté and Minnie the dog and together we are the Landtrek Adventure. We left Québec in July 2014, went all the way to the top of Alaska (Prudhoe Bay) and are now on our way to South-America in our 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser.

I (Marc) replaced the single air ram, 4 guide tubes system originally used to open the camper's pop-top by a set-up using two 150 lbs linear actuators from Firgelli Automations and two guide tubes.

 The original outfit.

 I designed 2 new lower bracket supports and installed the upper brackets directly to the roof.



I realize the lower brackets use only one bolt but when compared to the size of the bolts that were used originally, this single bolt should amply suffice.

Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

I also designed a full-stroke guide to help maintain actuator alignment when fully open. This also provides some degree of protection against accidental or deliberate exaggerated lateral movement of the actuators (read: if some clown would happen to wiggle them when fully deployed...)

If you would be kind enough to post a link to our web site, it would be greatly appreciated.


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