Flip Down TV Lift project

Flip Down TV Lift project.

This home owner wanted to flip a TV down from the horizontal plane to viewing angle at the touch of a button. With only 8" of space in the ceiling we decided that a rotating flip option would work best. First we designed a bracket to mount the 60" LED TV to and then use an FA-400-L-12-9" Actuator along with a Pull type gas spring to help with the pulling force. This allowed us to use a lower force and higher speed actuator. WE used a 2CH-REM to wireless control the actuator. Here are some pictures of the drawings we created for the bracket which is the most important part. We had this made out of aluminum for light weight and ease of manufacturing. a 12" Pull type gas spring was used which we also carry and a 12vdc power adapter that we also sell. The design of the Aluminum L-bracket is below and once this was made it took about half a day to install and cost about $1000 total to build the entire system with most of this ($500) for the Aluminum bracket we made for the customer.





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