Adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators

FIRGELLI® have now developed the worlds first series of externally adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators (Patent Pending). This is the result of years of development and listening to customers, asking what feature they would like to see the most in a Linear Actuator.  

externally adjustable limit switch Linear Actuator 

Electric Linear Actuators would normally all have built-in non-adjustable limit switches that stop the actuator when it reaches its fully extended or fully retracted, a small micro switch inside these Actuators would cut the power to the motor to stop it from moving any further, and only reversing the polarity (change direction of the power) to make the Actuator reverse direction. So, for example, a linear actuator with a 6" (inch) stroke will automatically stop once the rod has extended the full 6" (inches). The main problem with fixed limit switch Actuators, is that not all applications will require the exact stroke length that is factory-set in each actuator, and its unlikely you could buy an actuator with that 6.2" stroke that you need for example. Therefore Installation and fitting becomes very difficult due to the inability to alter the fixed internal limit switches, and typically means you have to live with an application where the thing you are moving doesn't open or close 100% how you want it to.

The only way you could normally create an adjustable limit switch application is to use an external limit switch set-up. This would mean extra wiring and extra components required and installed in your system to make this possible, and that's not always ideal. with the FIRGELLI® adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators users can modify the final 1" (inch) of travel, and we offer enough Stoke ranges that you are almost guaranteed to cover every inch of stroke required. 

adjustable limit switch linear actuators

Another major benefit of having built in adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators is that in most applications the stroke required can change over time. This could be due to fit and finish settling, or wear and tear, or even the mechanism you developed just settling in. Having the ability to quickly and easily adjust the limits on the fly means you can correct for any of these external conditions that may require changes over time.

 Watch the Video above to see how the Adjustable limit switch linear actuators operate. 

How to operate our Adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators

As you can see from the video, adjusting the end of stroke in the extended position limit is extremely easy to do. Simply un-tighten the 2 screws by hand, move the slider that has the pointer and scale next to it, then tighten the 2 screws by hand. The limit can be adjusted by very small increments, with the scale there to help for those that need exact incremental adjustments. 

how to adjust the limit switch on our linear actuators

Above you can see the Linear scale that's printed on the Actuator slider mechanism and the knurled nuts used to loosen and tighten the slider. These new Actuators can now be purchased on our website, this is the link directly to the product page.


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