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Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slides

Heavy duty Locking Drawer Slides

Need to lock-in or Lock-out your Heavy duty Drawers? Then you need our Locking Drawer slides with extra long extention options. Our 500 lb. Extra Heavy Duty Telescoping ball bearing Drawer Slides are specifically designed to support a huge range of specialty and commercial, industrial and vehicle storage applications, whereby the drawers are required to be locked into place, when either retracted or fully extended, making them the perfect heavy duty cabinet hardware. These heavy duty locking drawer slides are frequently used in RV's and Garages, trucks, vans where deep cabinet drawers are been used that need to carry a lot of weight, or for applications where the drawers are portable and you dont want them to be sliding open during movement.

Locking Drawer Slide

How Double-Locking, lock-in lock-out Slides work

The locking mechanism is very simple, simply press the blue lever down to unlock, then slide out the drawers until they also lock in the extended position. Then, to lock back into the closed position press the lever down then slide back into the closed position. The Levers have a Blue rubber end fitted so that they have a soft feel to them, and also dont damage anything if they open into something else. The Lever cannot be over ridden accidentally by applying more force, so you do not have to worry about accidentally unlocking. You can also install a bar accross the levers to attatch to the other lever so that the locking mechanism becomes a bar. 

Locking Drawer Slide

Extra Long Extension - Locking Drawer Slides

Stay safely stowed away while remaining easier to access than ever at the press of a lever. These Locking Drawer slides are available on our larger Heavy Duty Slides with Extension strokes from 30" (Inch) all the way to a extra long 60" (inch) strokes, with 10" intervals and Custom strokes available upon request. Extra long extension Drawer slides are great for Truck bed drawer type systems where a super long stroke extension is required. 

Double-Locking Extra-Heavy-Duty Slides

Locking drawer slides are suitable for mobile applications such as trucks, RV's etc where you need the drawers to stay closed while been transported. The locking feature prevents damage to anything they could possibly open into, and also prevent been closed accidemtally when you dont want them to be closed.   The rubber tab fitted onto the end of teh lever is to give them a nice soft feel to them when been handled. 

Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slides. Lock-in and Lock-out

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