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In this collection of Blog posts, there is a very large selection of blogs and articles written all about the world of Linear Actuators. Here you will find everything you could ever need to know about Actuators, from how they are built, to the many different types of linear actuators, to how to install, run and operate them. There are also many articles about how they are used and installed in many every day applications with plenty of videos, tutorials, wiring diagrams and much more.

Linear Actuators are used in just about every application and industry you can think of, plus there are many different types of Actuators each with its own set of unique features and characteristics that make each one suitable for that specific function. Electric linear Actuators are what FIRGELLI® has focused on for over 20 years so this set of articles should cover just about every topic you can think of when it comes to the world of Linear Motion and Electric point to point motion control.

Recent Blogs

Adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators
Adjustable limit switch Linear Actuators
FIRGELLI® have now developed the worlds first externally adjustable limit switch Linear Actuator (Patent Pending). This is the result of years of development and listening...
Your Complete Guide to IP Ratings
IP Ratings - Your Complete Guide - How to read an IP Rating
The "IP" in IP rating stands for Ingress Protection. The letters IP are then followed by two numbers, such as IP67 or IP59k, etc. The standard determines...
What Are Micro Linear Actuators?
What Are Micro Linear Actuators?
In Simple terms a Micro Linear Actuator is basically a Small Actuator with a small body size and therefore a small stroke range. A typical...
Where Are Micro Linear Actuators Used?
Where Are Micro Linear Actuators Used?
Actuators are not a topic that makes headlines or spawns blogs like artificial intelligence and machine learning, but the role that they play in our modern world...
Actuators transfer physical movement into energy. There are different types, including electrical, hydraulic, and electrical. This article will explain them.
What is an Actuator and How They Work
Actuators transfer physical movement into energy. There are different types, including electrical, hydraulic, and electrical. This article will explain them.
what is an actuator
Wat is 'n aandrywer?
Hoe omskakel aandrywers energie in meganiese drywing? In hierdie blogpos word uiteengesit hoe verskillende soorte aandrywers verskillende soorte energie in lineêre beweging omskep.
How strong are linear actuators?
Hoe sterk is lineêre aandrywers?
Met 'n deurlopende kragvermoë van tot 2200 lbs en beroertes van 250 mm (10 ") tot 762 mm (30") in inkremente van 125 mm (5...
How does a Linear Actuator work?
Hoe werk 'n lineêre aandrywer?

Wil u weet hoe werk 'n Lineêre Aktuator ?. Die elektriese motor draai die aandrywers wat uiteindelik die hoofskroef draai. Dit is hierdie loodskroef wat...

Linear Actuators 101 - Everything you need to know about a linear Actuator
Lineêre aandrywers 101 - Alles wat u moet weet oor lineêre aandrywers

Ons het hierdie blogpos geskep om u te help verstaan ​​hoe elektriese lineêre aandrywers werk en die terminologie wat gebruik word om dit te beskryf....

Firgelli Introduces the new Mini Bullet Actuator with built in force sensing for Skylight windows or many other applications
Firgelli stel die nuwe Mini Bullet Actuator bekend met ingeboude kragsensasie vir Skylight vensters of baie ander toepassings

Hierdie Aktueerders kom met krag sensing ingebou, dit beteken as hulle stamp in iets of wanneer hulle aan die einde van hul beroerte hulle outomaties...

Hulp nodig om die regte aandrywer te vind?

Ons vervaardig en vervaardig ons produkte, sodat u die prys van direkte vervaardigers kry. Ons bied dieselfde dag aflewering en kundige kliëntediens. Probeer ons Aktuator Sakrekenaar gebruik om die regte aandrywer vir u toepassing te kies.