ایکچیوٹرز کے لئے ہینڈ ہیلڈ وائرڈ کنٹرول سسٹم۔ سی ایس پی ایس

ایکچیوٹرز کے لئے ہینڈ ہیلڈ وائرڈ کنٹرول سسٹم۔ سی ایس پی ایس

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In the pursuit of providing our clients with ease of use, our "Plug and Play" wired controller unit is the simplest solution to your linear motion control needs. This kit comes with all the necessary equipment to run your 12V DC linear actuator straight out of the box, no assembly required. Simply connect the two wires exiting your linear actuator to the control box provided, and plug the power cord into a 110v wall outlet and the wired controller will take care of the rest.

Provides momentary control, meaning the actuator will move so long as the button is depressed. This kit is suitable for a wide variety of applications and is versatile in its design. For projects which require a controller to be easily accessible, a convenient remote holder is included, which can be mounted to a surface for safe storage.

  • Plugs into wall outlets (110v)
  • Runs 12vdc Linear Actuator
  • Connect the actuator wires to the wires from the CSPS using your choice of connector.
  • Includes a power source that plugs into the wall
  • Not recommended for high force actuators due to surge current

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