Custom Linear Actuators

At Firgelli® we can customize Linear Actuators and controllers to specific Manufacturers needs

We create custom linear actuators and to suit specific application requirements of customers. We have in-house modeling and testing capabilities, where linear actuators can be customized to specific manufacturers requirements. Customizing settings such as the stroke length, the connector or the rod ends can always be accommodated to support manufacturers special needs.


We provide linear actuators in different anodized colors to suit the specific needs of the customers.

Customized Electric Linear Actuators



Depending on the application requirement, the cable connector is a feature that can be customized.

customized Linear Actuator connectors


Cables length can be adapted according to manufacturers requirements

custom linear actuator cable lengths


Need Help Finding the Right Actuator?

We precision engineer and manufacture our products so you get direct manufacturers pricing. We offer same day shipping and knowledgeable customer support. Try using our Actuator Calculator to get help picking the right actuator for your application.