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Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller
Arduino Uno R3 Microcontroller In Stock
€28,95 EUR
2 Channel Remote Control System
2 Channel Remote Control System In Stock
€54,95 EUR
Waterproof LED Rocker Switches
Waterproof LED Rocker Switches In Stock
€5,95 EUR
AC to DC Power Adaptor 12v 30A IP20
AC to DC Power Supply 12v 30A In Stock
€61,95 EUR
DC Power Adaptor 12v
DC Power Adaptor 12v In Stock
€45,95 EUR
Universal Remote Control
Universal Remote Control In Stock
€3,95 EUR

We offer control systems to take your project to full automation

We have complete controller solutions and microcontrollers for fully customizable options.

Our available control accessories:

  • Timer relays are good for programming an Actuator to move at a set time back and forth automatically.
  • Remote controls are good for wireless control by a person
  • Wired Rocker switches are suitable for surface mounting a switch to control Actuators.
  • We have different power supply options including a compact 12vdc Battery that's ideal for remote location usage, or in-case you need power back up.
  • Arduino microcontrollers are perfect for any unique custom project

Top Grade Quality

Our products are tested rigorously to provide you with a reliable care-free experience

Lifetime Customer Support

We provide first class service with our friendly and helpful staff who can help you achieve quick and simple solutions for your project