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TV Lift

Why Spend $1000 or more on a TV Lift mechanism when you can build your own for a fraction of the cost. We have sold hundreds of actuators just for this purpose. Here is what you need to know and how to choose what actuator you need.

1. You need to decide what stroke length and force actuator you need. The stroke length is the length the actuator moves through. So as an example a 12" Stroke actuator will move 12", but note that the length of the actuator when collapsed will be about 5" longer than the stroke. So a 12" stroke actuator is about 17" closed and 29" open (17"+12"). This is important as when you come to install the actuator into your cabinet you will need to make adjustments for the length. If you want a stroke that we don't have you can add a micro switch into your system to stop the actuator where you want it to

  •  To decide on the stroke you need to measure the height of your TV, then round that up to the nearest stroke size that we offer.
  • To decide what  force you need, just calculate the weight of the total TV and mechanism, then round upto the forces that we offer, typically you will use the standard force (110lbs force) or the high force (165 lbs) or the super high force (400 lbs force) Note that the 400lb force actuators are a larger actuator, remember that when installing

2. You will need some type of TV mounting wall bracket if your lifting a Plasma or LCD TV to mount the TV to. You can typically buy these of the internet for around $100 - $200 each

3. You will need to buy 2 of our mounting brackets to attach the actuator to, and then attach the brackets as show in the diagram above to the back of your TV mounting bracket. For this you will have to do some drilling and use screws and nuts to attach them together.

4. Linear Guide rails will be needed to give the mechanism a smooth straight lift. Linear guide rails are used as draw guides and provide smooth linear motion. Make sure you buy heavy duty types, used for industrial draws. Most hardware stores sell these for around $30 per pair, and make sure the stroke is equivalent or longer than the Actuator stroke that you have chosen

5. You will need a remote control system that can be purchased from our Actuator Accessories section, or a manual rocker switch, also available from our Accessories section.

6. You need a power adaptor, again available from our Accessories section or if we are out of stock you can buy from most electrical stores, just ask for a 12vdc output with at least 4amps output

7. Gas Springs can be used to to take the weight of the TV to allow you to use a faster Actuator, the gas springs are rated for 100 lbs force, you can use 1 or 2 of them.

Here is what you need to order for this project:

  1. One linear actuator, use instructions above to decide on stroke and force, max stroke we have is 30" Note that the actuators do not move once power is removed so you don't have to worry about the TV falling once at the top of the stroke, in addition the actuators have a built in limit switch at both ends to cut the power to the actuator to protect itself.
  2. Mounting brackets, one on each end, these brackets will then need to be attached to your base using and also to the back of the TV bracket, typically towards the top.
  3. Manual rocker switch for a dash mounted switch, or remote control
  4. LR12V Relay if you want to operate the TV by pressing the remote button once, otherwise you have to hold the button down until your happy with the position
  5. Guide rails
  6. Power supply
  7. LCD/Plasma wall bracket
  8. Gas spring to take weight of tv

Wiring instructions can be seen on each individual page, i.e., go to remote control system to see the wiring diagram, or Manual Rocker switch etc. The Actuator does not have a wiring diagram because it only has 2 wires



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12" Stroke Tubular Actuator 150 lbs force
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