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At Firgelli Automations we stand behind our products – offering an 18 month comprehensive warranty


"We are the web's largest retailer of linear actuators, rank the highest on Google on all continents, and we ship direct worldwide same or next day. Our volume pricing is aimed at business owners to develop custom products for specific applications."

For your convenience, we have organized our range of actuators via links to the left, which filter our products by stroke length, force, speed, and more.


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Mini Track Actuators
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Selecting the right actuator

Typically Actuators only have 3 variables, Stroke, force, and speed. Speed and force is always a trade-off: a low force unit will have greater speeds than a high force unit. So we tell customers to pick the most important factor for their application, force or speed? As for stroke lengths, we carry just about any you can imagine, if we don’t have a length you require let us know and we can look into building one custom for you.


When the actuator reaches the end of its stroke

All our systems have built in limit switches to halt the motion when they get to the end of their stroke, regardless of whether it is extending or retracting.


What our actuators do

Our vast inventory is evidence of the wide range of applications for our electric motors, which are known as Linear Actuators. They are used in functions which require automation, and a “pushing” or “pulling” motion. The following are the most popular industries which our clients find use for our products in:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Home and Garden
  • Agricultural
Lifting capacity

Our linear electric motor models come varying in force and speed, from 15lbs to 1500lbs force, and 9" per sec to 1/3" per sec speed.


Actuator operation

Actuators are controlled several different ways depending on the application. Typically they are operated using a rocker switch much like that for an automotive window. The majority of our clients prefer to use a combination of both wireless remotes and mounted switches. For more information or to see our accessory products click on the Actuator Accessories or the Actuator Remotes section on the left.


TV Lifts

An increasing number of clients are now using our universal TV lift kit in place of using our actuators to build custom structures. Our kits can be found at this site.


Actuated Desks

Firgelli has now launched a new product which automates the height of your desk. This is ideal for both home and office applications, and can assist in relieving back tension as well as give you the freedom of movement so you aren’t limited to one position when working. Find out more here.


Track-Type Actuators

Track-type actuators offer flexibility in attaching equipment, ideally suited to applications where you need a short retracted length; the actuator does not change size like most others, instead the attachment block slides up and down the main shaft, similar to a belt-driven type device



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